8 Things You should Never Do to Your Eyebrows

By Chanchala Bose

Hello IMBB divas,
Eyebrows are known to frame your face. I have seen a number of girls having really great face, but I couldn’t understand the most striking feature on their face. And later on, I realised that the ‘striking feature’ on their face were their brows. Yes, brows are a substantial part of your face. Many of us unknowingly create a lot of trouble for our eyebrows. So let me inform you about certain things you should never do to keep them on fleek!
8 Things You should Never Do to Your Eyebrows

1. Over plucking

This is the major mistake all of us make. Many of us have good eyebrow growth, but the golden rule of eyebrows is that you should give a minimum of 15 days gap to your eyebrows. If you pluck them in shorter period, then they will become really thin and unflattering.


2. Using old pair of tweezers

Some times you can see that you are not able to hold the hairs between both the tweezers. Also, if you are struggling to bring two points of tweezers together, then it is the time to buy a new pair of tweezers.

3. Using dirty tweezers

This is another major mistake which you do to your eyebrows. It is must in case of skin care and both makeup that you need to use clean products and tools. So, don’t ever forget to sanitize your tweezers after use by dipping them in isopropyl alcohol.

overplucking eyebrows

4. Taking too much from the sides

You need to make sure that you leave enough of the hairs on your sides. If you leave very few hairs on your sides, then it might not lead to good growth and shape. And, this will make your eyebrows look very thin at the ends.

5. Overusing eyebrow pencil

We all tend to use eyebrow pencils. But you should know how to use them properly and where to use them. Many of us tend to overuse them. So, you should use it gently and with shorter strokes to create a fuller but natural look.

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6. Waxing and using anti-ageing retinoid creams

There are some specific creams which make your skin really sensitive. One of such creams is anti ageing retinoid creams. They make your skin too sensitive. So if you wax or trim, then it might cause skin bumps in the eyebrow area.

thick eyebrows

7. Never visiting a brow professional

If you are unsure about your brows or want to redefine them, then it’s high time you should visit a professional brow parlor. They will really give a new look to your eyebrows and to your face too.

8. Matching your brow colour to your hair exactly

In an ideal situation, your brow colour should always be lighter than your hair. So, don’t ever try to match both of these.

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