8 Things Your Hair Says About Your Health

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We all have some hair problems but, we don’t know how our hair is affected by our body conditions. This article would help you to find what your hair says about your health.

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1. Falling Hair: This is the most common problem most women are facing these days. Hair fall is caused mainly because of anemia or lack of iron in your body. Take food rich in iron like beans, red meat, green leafy vegetables etc. Intake of these foods which are rich in iron would increase the level of iron in blood and would stop the hair fall. You can also take multivitamins for this problem.

2. Itchy Scalp: Itchy scalp is mainly caused by dryness. You may know that our scalp produces it’s natural oils and if the natural oils are not produced by our scalp, our scalp tends to get dry. The natural oils also condition the hair and help in the nourishment of the hair. If the natural oils are not being produced by the scalp it’s because of the lack of beta carotene. You can increase the level of beta carotene by eating pumpkins, carrots, spinach, orange etc.


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3. Your hair color is getting lighter naturally: Most of the women do not know this but spending time in sun can dry and bleach the hair. You should use the products with SPF and eat foods rich in vitamin E (almonds, spinach, pine nuts, avocado, papaya, wheat etc.) Also increase the intake of nuts in your diet, you can also take vitamin E capsules once a day.

4. Hair going grey: If your hair is changing color to grey it’s the sign of ageing. Or, if you are not in your 30’s – 40’s still your hair are becoming grey it can be your genetic issue or it can because of excessive stress and tension that you are taking. Some researchers propose that hormones produced under stress can block the signal that tells the follicle to absorb melanin.

5. Thinning of hair: If your hair is getting thin, dry and weak then, it’s the sign of lack of protein. 80% of our hair is made up of proteins. If the amount of protein gets low in your body then it could definitely affect your hair. Take the diet rich in protein like meat, milk, cheese, pulses etc.

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6. Stopped hair growth: Hair grows 0.5 inch per month on an average. If your hair is not growing and is stuck to particular length then the reason behind this is lack of protein, biotin and omega-3.
You can eat red meat, egg, almonds, avocados etc. Or take some vitamins like Vitamin- B complex, Omega-3.

7. Split-Ends: Split ends really depend on the way you are combing your hair. Don’t comb your hair when they are wet. Comb them when they are dry and that to with a wide tooth comb. Increase the take of protein in your diet that would help in thickening of hair and would help to prevent split ends.

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8. Dandruff: Dandruff is caused because of yeast overgrowth in your hair. Dandruff takes place in oily scalp. Don’t over moisturize your hair and use good anti dandruff products. Also, take vitamin B6 which is found in liver and egg yolk.

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