8 Tips for Happy Feet!

Hey girlies,

Lately I’ve been really busy with exams and other work. It’s getting really difficult to write and take care of my body. It’s been so long since I’ve hit the gym. I noticed that I’ve completely neglected my feet too. We do this often; we usually focus on our face. It’s time we give them a little attention!

8 Tips for Happy Feet!

1. Cover your feet

I’ve to walk long distances every day and the roads here are really bad and they damage my feet. Slippers or other fancy footwear don’t really seem to work and it is a little too hot to wear shoes unless you are used to them. I tried it and made it only through a month. I’m, however going to switch back to shoes. It prevents tanning and also keeps them clean. Wear comfortable shoes if you have to walk long distances and see that the soles are proper and provide enough grip.

2. Go for pedicures

If you’re a student and cannot afford a pedicure every month, then invest in a pedicure kit. Try the VLCC pediglow pedicure kit. If you want, you can even get a scrub. It helps to get the dead and hard skin off.

3. Soak your feet

foot soak

Make a habit of soaking your feet in warm water for 15 to 20 minutes once a week. This will get off the dirt as well as soften your skin. You can then scrub off the hard skin of your heel. You can add essential oil to the water for further relaxation.

4. Moisturize them

I often have no time in the morning to moisturize my feet. They had started to look and feel so horrible. Then one fine day I decided to massage my feet with olive oil and sleep. The next day my feet felt so good, so nourished. The tanning may or may not reduce with time but at least they are soft. I have now included this in my night care regime.

5. Let them breathe

Wash Your Feet Regularly

The sweat from the day may collect and cause infections. Also, always wash them with cold water after undoing your shoes. Also, I need not say this but wash your socks often.

6. Trim your nails

Dirt and dead skin can accumulate in your nails. I see people with long toe nails and dirt in them and it just grosses me out. I like my nails short and clean. Invest in a good tools set and make sure you clean your nails often.

7. Remove nail polish

removing nail polish

Your nails need to breathe as well, so skip a few weeks in between your nail colors and allow your nails to breathe. Frequent nail paint application weakens your nails making them brittle and more prone to breakage. So remove all the old color and apply a nail strengthening varnish to your nails.

8. Use soft water

Hard water is your worst enemy, not only for your feet but for your hair, skin and every other part of your body. You can also install a water softener in your shower, if possible.

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  1. god! I so badly needed this post. I am such a sad case when it comes to taking care of feet. 😐 totally going to pamper them a bit not that I have read your post. 😀 good one! :))

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