8 Tips for Nail Whitening at Home

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How is the cold season treating you?! Am sure all of us are quite worried about the dry skin problems and the itchy or dry scalp problems, that are like uninvited guests in the winters. But in all this frenzy to take care of the skin and hair, we tend to lose out on nail care. Now nail care does not necessarily mean getting a manicure or pedicure done. It is all about maintaining that health and shine of your nail, and when I say that I am talking about the yellowish tint that forms over the nails, imagine looking at your manicured hands with yellow nails. Not a pretty sight right?!

8 Tips for Nail Whitening at Home

Now, yellow nails are not targeted or limited to women, men can also very much experience the issue. This yellow colour of the nails can be caused due to lack if hygiene, smoking, malnutrition or use of harsh chemicals. Here a few easy tips and tricks to maintain that white and healthy sheen of your nails.

1. Salt and Lemon Juice:

8 Tips for Nail Whitening at Home

Mix one tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice with half teaspoon of salt, mix well and massage your nails with the mixture. Leave this on for 10 minutes and wash off with normal water. Do this daily for quick results. While the lemon helps bring in the lightening effect, the salt adds the shine back to the nail surface.

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2. Lemon Soak:

Soak your nails in some fresh lemon juice for 10 minutes, now using a clean tooth brush, scrub your nails gently for a few minutes and wash off. Follow up with moisturizer.

3. Toothpaste and Baking Soda:

Take the mixture of equal amounts of any calcium-based toothpaste and baking soda on to a tooth brush and massage your nails gently for a few minutes. Wash off with cold water once done. While baking soda helps in lightening the yellowish tint, the toothpaste provides the soap cleanse.

4. Olive Oil Massage:

8 Tips for Nail Whitening at Home

Warm up some olive oil and give your nails a nice massage, do this twice a week to add the nail heath back and to give your nails a nice shine.

5. Gloves:

If you need to attend to some daily chores where you will have to use a lot of soap full of harsh chemicals, use hand gloves to protect your nails as the chemicals can strip off the natural shine and smooth surface of your nails resulting in dull, brittle nails.

6. Choose your Products Carefully:

Avoid using bad or cheap quality nail polishes and removers on your nails, as the chemicals in such kind of products might not really do a lot of good, instead they kill the natural white colour of your nails.

7. Use a Base Coat:

8 Tips for Nail Whitening at Home

Always use a base coat before you apply any kind of polish to your nails as it acts as a protective layer between your nail and the chemical product. Also, avoid applying nail polish too frequently as too much of product used during the application and removal can cause yellowing of your nails.

8. Maintain and Moisturize:

8 Tips for Nail Whitening at Home

Trim and file your nails on a weekly basis as that ensures removal of dead skin and in turn helps maintain the overall health of your nails. Also, adapt to a habit of applying a nail cream daily for long term protection. Moisturize every time you wash hands.

So, these were a few fairly easy tips and tricks you could follow to keep your nails healthy and shiny and to avoid them from getting yellow. Hope these tips help. Take care girls!

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