8 Tips to Banish Visible Panty Lines

Who doesn’t want a curvy bottom! But, a visible panty line (or VPL) often ruins a great outfit. Visible panty lines make life so damn frustrating, and wearing anything a little fitted becomes a challenge. Fret not, as I will help you out and tell you some tips to avoid the much dreaded panty lines.

well fitted dress

1. Seamless Underwear

seamless underwear

No doubt, seamless underwear is one of the best cures for the VPL. No stitches and so no visible lines. We heart!

2. Tights or Pantyhose
Thin tights or pantyhose will help you smoothen out any panty lines without adding bulkiness.

3. A Slip
Might sound old school, but trust me nothing works like this. A slip covers your bottom effectively hiding the unwanted lines and creases.

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4. Thongs or G-String
No possibility of a visible panty line with so little on, right? 😛

5. Light-Colored Underwear
With light dresses or thin fabrics, especially on sunny days, underwear might be visible as the dress may turn translucent. Our advice: wear matching colored underwear and keep away from dark undies.

6. Avoid Lace or Prints
Prints and lace lingerie often show through, so while wearing fitted skirts or trousers, it’s best to avoid them.

7. Boy Shorts
The super comfy boyshorts make your visible panty lines disappear and make movement easy too.

8. Shapewear
woman shapewear

Our saviors! Shapewear make us look slimmer and ensure that panty lines don’t play peekaboo. Choose shape wear that covers the butt cheeks completely.

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