8 Tips to become a Strong Independent Woman

In this age, I think every woman wants to be independent. We all want our independence in some way or the other, either financially, mentally or emotionally. Balancing every aspect is difficult and it is important for us to keep certain things in mind. Being independent is my aim in life and I am working my best to achieve that. Let me help you out with a few things that are important to become a strong and independent woman.


1. Speak your mind
There is something beautiful about having the confidence to express your feelings and be honest to others. In the modern world, we have been granted freedom of speech and we should embrace it with open arms. The first step to strength and independence comes from speaking your mind and knowing that your opinions are of value.

2. Make your own path

Don’t be afraid to take a few risks and don’t be afraid to fall down. But even if you do, don’t forget to get up, dust up and follow your dreams. Be confident with your decisions and don’t let anyone influence your decisions and doubt yourself.

3. Pay for yourself

Don’t borrow money from friends or family unless seriously needed. Even if you do, return them quick! Borrowing money from friends and family is never a good idea. Make a budget and stick to it. Plan your savings accordingly and always be self-sufficient.

4. Create your home your haven

home decorating ideas

Make your home where you belong. It should reflect your personality, take time to decorate your heaven and rejoice in it. Even if it’s a temporary home, live in it. Breathe in it, make it yours. I’ve done that to my hostel room and I never even want to leave my room now. I have my own photo wall, a table lamp, a carpet and candles. That’s my happy place.

5. Travel alone

Learn to drive a car. Go on a holiday. Travel alone for a while. Find your focus and your dream. Watch a movie alone in the theatre. See new places and fund those trips yourself. Meet new people and have a great story to share.

6. Look after your body

take care of your body

Nothing is more important than looking after your health and body. Workout for an hour and enjoy yourself. Enjoy the things you do. Drink lots of water and form a skincare routine. Eat healthy and take care of yourself.

7. Keep growing and learning

Never stop challenging yourself. Keep learning new things. Take lessons. Also become an avid reader, keep a track of all things going on around you. Form an opinion and stick to it. Also, if you happen to disagree with someone, listen to their opinion.

8. Don’t lose control of your life

Finally, strong, independent girls never, ever lose control of their life.. Self-control is one of life’s greatest virtues and assets. Making sure you get enough sleep so that you’re not late for work is being strong. Treating yourself to a movie or drinks after work or a great meal is being independent. Strong, independent girls carve out their own lives and their own paths; just how it should be.

Always strive to be an independent woman. I would love to hear your personal views on being independent, please do share. It may help me get to my goals.

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  1. well said..I m on tough road to be independent.you won’t believe same points I chalked for myself..some I achieved..some I will soon…

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