8 Tried and Tested Ways to Increase Height after the Age of 20

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Always thought that growth hormone is secreted only during the budding years and doesn’t work after adolescence? Didn’t you? Well, let me prove you wrong. Even after adolescence, human growth hormone (HGH) production does not stop entirely, and its secretion only decreases slowly with ageing. Height of an individual is determined by both genetic and non-genetic factors. Non-genetic factors include the climate of the place one grows up in, the food one consumes and the lifestyle one leads. With a few changes in your diet and lifestyle, it is always possible to increase your height by a few more inches even if you have crossed adolescence!

8 8 Tried and Tested Ways to Increase Height after the Age of 20

1. Have a balanced diet
A balanced diet is one of the most essential factors to increase your height. The biggest misconception that prevails is that a good diet means no carbohydrates or fats at all. In fact growth hormone cannot cause growth if carbohydrates are completely excluded from the diet!
Incorporate dairy products, leafy vegetables, eggs, lean meat, peanuts and chocolates in your diet. Vitamin D and calcium are two of the most important elements that help increase height. The key is to include all the nutrients in your diet in the right proportions.

2. Get proper sleep
girl sleeping
Getting an 8-10 hour sleep is a must because 70%-80% of the growth hormone production takes place during sleep and growth hormone level characteristically increases during the first 2 hours of deep sleep. Always try to get a deep, re-energizing and peaceful sleep.

3. Try sports and exercises
Studies have found out that regular and intense workouts induce production of growth hormone, a phenomenon called ‘exercise-induced growth hormone response’. Go for workouts that involve the entire body like weight training workouts involving pull ups, bench press, and push press.
You can also indulge in sports activities. Swimming, tennis, badminton are some of the sports best known to increase height.
If you do not have the time to go to a gym or for sports, you can always do regular walking or cycling at home combined with hanging and stretching exercises. They are easy and really effective!

4. Indulge in yoga
Yoga is the most easy and effective way for a healthy living. It calms the body and the mind and also improves blood circulation, thereby triggering the release of growth hormone.
A few postures that can aid in increasing height are:

Bhujangasana (cobra posture)
Cobra pose opens the chest and strengthens the core body. It aids in increasing height by aligning the spine.

Tadasana (mountain pose)
Tadasana improves posture, stability and confidence. It lengthens and strengthens the spine to increase height.

Chakrasana (wheel pose)
The wheel pose strengthens muscles of the abdomen and back and also tones the abdominal organs. It aids in achieving a good posture.

Surya namaskar
From head to toe, every part of the body is benefitted by Surya Namaskar. It gives strength and vitality to the body and helps the body to stay in good shape. It is the best workout for muscles and provides flexibility to the spine and limbs.

5. Keep your insulin levels low
Did you know that increased insulin levels decrease the level of growth hormone?
So to keep your insulin levels lower and thereby trigger the release of more growth hormone, you can do 2 things: trying out intermittent fasting and eating 2-3 hours before you sleep. As I already mentioned, the levels increase during the first 2 hours of sleep. If you have your meal minutes before you sleep, you will have more blood glucose level and hence more insulin during those hours. This will inhibit adequate amount of hormone production.

6. Lose weight
Adipose tissues not only store and release fatty acids in blood but also cause ‘insulin resistance’. If you are overweight, you are prone to high levels of insulin in the blood along with increased levels of blood fatty acids, both of which decrease growth hormone secretion.

7. Maintain a straight posture.
A good posture makes you look tall, smart and more confident. Do not stoop your shoulders while walking or standing or sitting. Get rid of hunching. A straight spine and strong back are very vital in increasing height.
Also make sure to have a comfortable mattress and a low, comfortable pillow.

8. Laugh more
Believe it or not, laughing is indeed the best medicine. A recent study from the Loma Linda School of Public Health in California says laughter can increase your growth hormone levels by 87%.

P.S. It really doesn’t matter if you are tall or short. Every woman is beautiful. Don’t ever let your height bring your confidence down!
Stay gorgeous!

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3 thoughts on “8 Tried and Tested Ways to Increase Height after the Age of 20

  1. After twenty, there is a fusion of the growing ends of bones. And any amount of growth hormone increase won’t increase your height.

  2. Hi Neeraja,
    thank you so much for your comment.
    Epiphyseal fusion only starts at the age of 18. Even at 20, the epiphysis of bones do not completely fuse. This process completely stops at around 25 years of age.
    So, even after 20, enough production of HGH can still cause cell multiplication and growth of cartilaginous tissue cells at the growth plates 🙂

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