8 Unknown Facts about Brazilian Wax

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You know it all; getting a body sleek and hairless is not that difficult. Waxing is only what they give you a hairless skin all at once. Brazilian waxes grew in popularity in the U.S. after the show “Sex and the City” put a focus on them. Soon people all around the world was interested as they all were now interested to flaunt their bikini line. Many of the people even swear by Brazilian wax and its results. Being an uncomfortable and expensive sting, there are so many things to know about Brazilian wax! For girls, who actually opted to this will know Brazilian wax was never so easy and friendly, like we heard about it.

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1. You will have to be fully naked – Yes, you will have to completely exposed infront of your expert. Now this is the moment, when your expert will actually stare at you, your body, and vagina and off course the butt! Now with the feeling of so much comfortably, it becomes really weird to expose your private parts to someone who is stranger. As soon as you go for the Brazilian wax, you will be asked to remove your clothes along with panties! No matter even if you are so much bold to say, you would surely feel weird doing this. Or the other option is you will be given a thin paper thong to tie around the vagina.

2. You should know the butterfly pose – Now this again adds to something uncomfortable to the process! Once you have pulled down your panties, your expert will tell you to sit in the butterfly position. This means, your feet’s should join each other and both the knees should be apart. Get use to this pose, because only after you get the perfect butterfly pose, they will start the Brazilian wax.

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3. Now, that is hurting job – People who say, Brazilian was so much easy for them, we salute you! It is actually a hurting job as Brazilian wax is actually wax-virgin thing. While pulling out the hair near your vagina, you feel a good pain! Now, even when I am writing this to you all, I can feel the ouch! Talk about the type of wax she plans on using. Soy-based hard waxes are best because they stick to hair but not skin. Consider taking an anti-inflammatory in advance of your treatment.

4. While you are on your periods – How can you wear a sanitary pad and go for a Brazilian waxing? No, this is practically not possible! So, you can wear a tampon at such time and go ahead. Waxing during your monthly cycle depends on your expert. Some expert doesn’t mind to wax through the lines and properly without considering tampon as a hurdle. On other side, there are expert you cancel the appointment and ask you to attend next time. Skin is more sensitive during monthly periods and hence it can hurt you more than usual.

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5. Hair length – You should maintain little of hair length over skin, or else it becomes painful to pull out the tiny ones. The ideal length is quarter inch which means you should not wax your body three weeks before. (Your hair length should be somewhere around the size of a rice grain)

6. Pain over the butt part – The difference between a Brazilian wax and a bikini wax is this: a Brazilian wax includes waxing your butt. But the positive thing about Brazilian wax is you feel the least pain over butts. Experts say that there aren’t nerve endings there, which is why it doesn’t hurt. Waxing of butt is usually the last thing and for this, she will ask you to rest on your stomach and relax.

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7. Trim pubic hair 10 days before the wax job – If you have so much hair right down there, you can shave the pubic hair Atleast 10-12 days before the actual waxing job. If you trim it few days before waxing, the process than becomes difficult because the strips have no hair to grab.

8. What to watch – A trained aesthetician is the key to a successful Brazilian wax. The wax you aesthetician uses shouldn’t have been used in previous appointments, because it carries the obvious threat of spreading germs and disease. The same goes for the tools she’ll be using during the process; it’s vital that they’re sanitized between appointments. If your aesthetician doesn’t wear gloves or test the temperature of the wax on her own skin first, you’re not dealing with a professional.

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