8 Valentine’s Day Ideas You must Try if You are in a Long Distance Relationship

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I am sure you must have planned your Valentine’s day date perfect to the T. There are, however, many girls (me included) who are in a long distance relationship and cannot meet with their beaus, although we wish to. So instead of being cynical or sulking away in your room, you can make Valentine’s day special for both of you. Who says you cannot show love when you are miles away? Read on if you need ideas to plan a Valentine’s day surprise in your LDR.

8 Valentine's Day Ideas for Couples in Long Distance Relationships

1. A Skype date on V-day

skype date

Sure you are looking forward to meet him in person soon, but meanwhile why not have a virtual date with him? Dress up like a glam diva and let your boyfriend or partner know how much you would want to spend the day with them. A virtual date will not only cure your V-day blues, but also make you both feel extremely secure and happy about your relationship.

2. Courier services to your rescue

Parcel him baked cookies, muffins or anything you made, most courier services offer overnight delivery in the country. Or make a gift box with things he loves or needs and send them to your guy. Nothing can match the sheer happiness of opening the box and finding V-day goodies. Get them to open the parcel while you are on call on Skype so that you can capture those precious expressions.

3. Online sites make life easier

Does the idea of choosing and parceling gifts sounds too tedious? Pick gifts and get them delivered from online shopping portals. Or get his favorite food delivered right at his doorstep. After all, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

4. Keep texting those flirty texts

flirting over text

V-day is the day for all things mushy and cheesy. So send him texts and call him, emphasizing on how much you miss him and how you wish he were with you. Your guy will surely love being the centre of your attention.

5. Create a timeline of your loved moments

Many couple apps can help you both share an easier communication platform. Create a personalized timeline with your favorite moments and let your guy yearn for those times. Not only will it stir old memories, but also help you want to do them all over again.

6. Make a wishlist

Since V-day is a day dedicated solely for the people you love, you can devote a lot of time to doing romantic things. Like you both can talk and create a mutual wish list which you both would want to do next time you meet. It might be simple things like going to a newly open café, shopping, or visiting some touristy locations.

7. Do the same things

Watch the same movie or TV series eating the same food. Clichéd as it may sound, but it will reinforce the bond between you. Forget the miles, your heart is with him and that’s what matters.

8. A surprise trip

long distance relationship

If you have the means and money, you can surely present the most precious gift to him – yourself! Meet him and surprise him, surely he will be ecstatic to find his beautiful lady with him on this day of love.

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