8 Ways To Hold A Curl

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It’s the most annoying thing when you’ve taken an hour to get your curls perfect and they just won’t hold no matter what you do. It’s especially irritating if you’ve got really thick hair. Well, we’re going to fix that problem. Here are a few tips and tricks to get those flawless curls to hold throughout the night.

8 Ways To Hold A Curl

1. Start with Day Two/Three hair

Day one hair tends to be squeaky clean, but really flat too. You’ll have to use a ton of products to get your curls to hold but day two/three hair would be perfect to style and curl. With day two/three hair, the natural oils gives your hair texture and your tresses are more moldable.

To achieve day two/three hair, just don’t wash it for a day or two. If it feels a little greasy or oily, spray some dry shampoo over it and massage in. Dry shampoo will help to get rid of the greasiness and oiliness in the hair and give it texture and volume.

2. Lay Off The Deep Conditioner

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Deep conditioning gives you healthy, shiny and beautiful hair but if you’re planning to style your locks, you should probably skip deep conditioning. Deep conditioning tends to weigh your hair down and that makes it a whole lot harder to style.

Stick to a more lightweight conditioner before you style your locks and leave the deep conditioning for tomorrow. It’ll be perfect for a pampering session the day after.

8 Ways To Hold A Curl

3. Using The Right Products

Using the wrong hair products could sabotage your curls too. Wrong styling lotion, wrong type of hairspray would equal to flat curls.

Before you start curling, get a styling lotion that gives your hair texture. You don’t want to fry your precious locks either, so it’s a pretty good idea to apply a heat-protecting lotion or spray.

A good hairspray is key. If your hairspray doesn’t have good hold, your curls would fall flat without a doubt. I’d say to always go for ‘Strong Hold’ or ‘Extra Strong Hold’. Your curls would hold throughout the night without trouble.

But don’t go crazy with the hairspray, spray enough for your curls to hold but make sure your curls are still soft and silky, not stiff and crunchy.

8 Ways To Hold A Curl

4. Use Overnight Heatless Curling Methods Before Bed

This is the easiest method to achieve your girls and get them to hold the next day. Doesn’t take too much effort and too much products either.

Braid your hair, twist your locks or etc before bed and sleep with them on. You’ll be left with textured waves the next day and all you’ll have to do is define it with a curling iron and hold em’ in place with some hairspray.

5. Layering Hairspray

I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard of layering your skincare products. What about layering hairspray?

Before curling your hair, spray the section you intend to curl with hairspray and let it sit for a second. After curling it, spray that same section with hairspray and gently brush through the curl so it’s not crispy and hard.

Layering hairspray tends to make curls crispy and hard. But if you spray the hairspray from arms length, it’ll set your curls and leave your locks looking silky and soft.

8 Ways To Hold A Curl6. Regular Hair Care And Heat Damage Control

Split ends? Frizzy hair? Damage hair is the worst hair condition for curling. Your curls would turn out unruly and they won’t hold.

Trim your split ends, apply hair treatments and condition to avoid frizzy hair. Hair masks, conditioners, Argan Oil, Coconut Oil and etc keeps your hair silky, smooth and soft.

Creating beautiful curls with a curling iron requires heat but without a heat protecting spray, heat damage is inevitable. Invest in a good heat protecting spray now, end up with beautiful curls later.

7. Invest In A Setting Spray

It can be burdensome to apply tons of product on your hair before and after the curling process. Hairspray tends to leave your hair feeling dried out and hard at the end of the day. When it comes to washing your hair, it gets tangled because of the hairspray. Cue the frustration.

A setting spray would be your all-in-one savior. It’ll set your curls in place and lock em’ in for longer. BUY ONE. You’ll never have to apply tons of product and your hair, buy tons of product or suffer with the aftermath of hairsprays.

Remember to look for one with heat protection to avoid heat damage!

8 Ways To Hold A Curl

8. Got Fine/Limp Hair? Hot Curlers!

Ditch the curling/flat irons if you’re a fine/limp hair girl. Hot curlers are way more effective for you and the curls last longer on your hair too.

Added plus if you love different kinds of curls, hot curlers are perfect for you! There are tons of styles to choose from. Ringlets, loose waves, small curls and etc.

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  1. I wasted so much time with curling irons 😛 Now it’s time for me to grab hot curlers. Thanks for this Natasha 😀

  2. I love curling my hair and luckily, my hair texture makes it possible for curls to stay for a long time without any product. But, I must say overnight curling methods, even without heat ones, make the curls to stay intact for longer. Good post Natasha. 🙂

  3. I so needed this article Natasha and it’s in time, I am using my heated rollers tomorrow and want the curls to stay for long 🙂

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