8 Wonder Makeup Products for Small Eyes

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Writing articles for IMBB has become a getaway for me. Whenever I get tired of writing boring commercial ads (I am a copywriter!) I take a break and refresh myself by activating my creative side for IMBB articles. No duration constraints, no pressure, no demands. I love IMBB. Now heading towards today’s article, I would like to share some must haves for all those who are not blessed with big beautiful eyes. Beauties with small eyes always struggle with eye makeup. The conventional tips, tricks, techniques and products don’t really work for small eyes. I have small eyes and with the course of time I have learnt that certain products and accessories are totally must haves for me, sharing those today with all of you.
makeup for smaller eyes

1. A Nude Eyeliner:
A nude eyeliner when applied on lower waterline gives the effect of big opened up and awake eyes. It dramatically enlarges the eyes. Avoid applying kajal or kohl on lower waterline if you have small eyes. You will end up making your eyes look smaller.

2. An Eyelash Curler:
eyelash curler
Some of us have eyelashes which are quite straight, until they are curled up and treated with mascara, they create a tired look. With small eyes, straight eyelashes look very unflattering. Just by curling them you can see a drastic change. After curling apply heavy coats mascara to fake big eyes.

3. An Intense Black Eyeshadow:
Small eyes must opt for an intense black matte eyeshadow rather than a gel or liquid eyeliner. An eyeshadow will create natural smoked eyeliner whereas liquid eyeliner or gel eyeliner ends up giving harsh lines. This kind of definition to eyes make them look sharp but attracts attention towards their size which we don’t want as they are small.

4. A Matte Highlighter:
matte highlighter
If you have small eyes with mono-lid or hoods, applying a matte highlighter under your brow would be a wise choice. A glittery or shimmery highlighter will catch light in a manner which will accentuate your hoods or mono lids.

5. A Small Size Smudge Brush:
A smudge brush is a necessity. Ask me! I use it in so many ways. Having a small canvas to apply eye shadows, highlighter and eyeliner we need small brushes than usual to achieve the looks we want. I use my Real Techniques smudge brush from RT Limited Edition Eye Lining Set to smudge my kohl and apply black eyeshadow. I even use it to create a fake crease when I am using more than 3 colors on my eyes.

6. Fake Eye Lashes:
fake lashes
A pair of fake lashes create such a big difference and enhance the shape of your eyes. Red cherry WSP are my favorites. You can check out lashes by Huda Beauty. They look very natural and once you start using fake lashes there’s no turning back. Small eyes are apt candidates for fake lashes as they add depth to them and define upper lashline beautifully.

7. Matte Eye Shadows:
If you are not a pro, don’t go for shimmery eye shadows and play safe with matte ones. Maybelline The Nudes Palette and L’Oreal Color Riche La Palette Nude are the best to begin with. Shimmers reflect light and if applied wrong, they can make your small eyes look smaller and hooded.

8. An Angled Brush:
angled brush
Again Real Techniques come for rescue. I use the one from RT Limited Edition Eye Lining set to apply eyeliner with black eyeshadow. It already has an angle which helps creating a beautiful smoked wing for small eyes. I cheat and use it to fill in my brows as well.

I hope this article will help you in enhancing the beauty of your small eyes. For more inspiration and makeup looks for small eyes refer eye makeup of Taylor Swift, Lucy Liu, Alicia Keys, Jessica Alba, Kristen Stewart and Cat Deeley (she has massive hoods).

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