8 Wonderful Reasons to Use Avocado Oil Every Day

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Avocado as a fruit is so beneficial for our skin, hair and body and so is the oil made out of avocadoes. Let’s find out why avocado oil is good for us and how can we use it.
avocado oil

1. It slows down the aging process:

Avocado oil improves the skin’s elasticity which is essential for a younger looking skin. It provides protection against various free radicals and penetrates deep into the skin to reverse the effects of aging skin and provides a youthful glow to the face.

2. It boosts the production of collagen:

youthful skin
Collagen helps to keep the skin smooth, rejuvenated and also shields the skin from age-related wrinkles, fine lines and other aging signs. Avocado oil triggers the production of collagen in the skin which gives the skin a healthier and firmer appearance.

3. It works great as a moisturizer:

avocado moisturizer
Avocado oil is a humectant; it retains water in the skin and prevents the skin from drying. It has a massive penetrating power which works from deep within and shows quicker results. This oil doesn’t clog the pores and gives soft and supple skin. This will work great for you especially if you have a dry skin.

4. It can be used to treat acne:

Avocado oil is a natural treatment to eradicate and prevent the occurrence of acne. One of the reasons for acne is clogged pores and as avocado oil has great penetrating powers, it unclogs those pores and helps to remove the excess build up and thus acne.

5. It can help to heal scars:

Avocado oil has various healing, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It quickens up the healing process of scars and helps to fade them with regular and consistent use.

6. It treats various skin diseases:

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Avocado oil is super effective at skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Avocado oil has healthy monounsaturated fatty acids and Vitamin E which is effective in smoothening up the skin, preventing the skin from inflammations and itchiness thereby helping skin to maintain its health and softness.

7. It soothes sunburnt skin:

Avocado oil has various anti-oxidants present in it which help to soothe the sunburnt skin and provide a cooling effect to it. Its high levels of vitamin-E are also helpful in stopping the inflammations.

8. It can be used as a sunscreen:

Natural oils are so much better in providing protection against sun damage than most of the chemical laden sunscreens. Avocado oil has a very high proportion of good mono-saturated fats which form a protective layer all over the skin to protect it from getting exposed to sun.

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