8 Worst Foods for People Suffering with Hypothyroidism

I’m here with another fitness article with many more on their way. Makeup has started to become an essential part of my life but fitness is more important to me than that. As I love to share my beauty life, I’d also like to share my fitness life. Although, my weight does fluctuate here and there, I still love going on my walks and lifting those weights.

8 Worst Foods for People Suffering with Hypothyroidism

It does get frustrating when your body reaches a stagnant weight or if you do not lose weight at all inspite of all the hard work you’re putting into it. That’s what I went through! It had been almost 6 months since I had hit the gym and inspite of all the hard work with my personal trainer, I lost only 10 kilograms! So when I joined a different dietitian, she asked me to get my Thyroid levels checked and as I got my blood test results I realized I had Hypothyroidism and that’s the main reason my body wasn’t 100% replying to my hard work. Luckily, I went to my family doctor and she prescribed me the Thyroxine tablets (that I have to consume every day for the rest of my life). To be honest, I didn’t even know what Hypothyroidism was! After a hell lot of research I found out all about it.

Hypothyroidism is the case where your thyroid function works slowly as compared to other individuals which leads to weight gain and an unhealthy lifestyle (there is a case called Hyperthyroidism which is the opposite of Hypothyroidism and in that case, you lose lots and lots of weight in spite of what you eat). I realized that mainly the foods that I was consuming were bad for my health and actually I wasn’t allowed to eat them. So, here’s a list of a few of the many things to help you guys out just in case you went through a case similar to mine 🙂

1) Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, etc:

8 Worst Foods for People Suffering with Hypothyroidism

These foods are called cruciferous vegetables and contain goitrogens. Goitrogens are naturally occurring chemicals that are ingested into our food or medicines. This means that instead of working well for your body (heard of the cabbage diet?) many vegetables like these work against the function of your thyroid which ends up into a bloated you. Avoid them as much as you can. I know some people will say but all this is healthy food, yes it is and I’m not disagreeing to it. But it’s not healthy for people with Hypothyroidism and it will be best to avoid them so your thyroid can function properly.

2) Coffee:

8 Worst Foods for People Suffering with Hypothyroidism

They say that the intake of caffeine blocks the thyroid hormone replacement absorption and being a coffee lover, I was distraught when I read coffee was against my health. But hey, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. If you can’t live without your coffee, at least avoid to have it within the first 2 hours after taking your thyroid medication.

3) Fatty/Processed/Sugary Foods:

8 Worst Foods for People Suffering with Hypothyroidism

Be it your fried chips or your little cupcakes, they’re all bad for you if you have Hypothyroid. Stay away from foods like pizza, pasta, donuts, cakes, and all foods similar to these. Foods that are high in sugar and flour should be banned from your food cabinet as they are not at all healthy for your thyroid. Hypothyroidism is known to slow down your metabolism to great levels and the last thing you need is to consume extra calories when you are hardly burning any and you totally do not want that if you are trying to control it. Once in a while on a cheat day a cupcake is definitely allowed, though 😉

5) Peaches, Pears, Strawberries:

8 Worst Foods for People Suffering with Hypothyroidism

These fruits are few of the many fruits and were the ones loved by me so much that I used to mostly consume them. After lots of research I found out that they contain goitrogen that slows down my thyroid to function properly leading to an unhealthy me. Although, I do enjoy eating them once in a while but regular intake is a complete no-no. The funny part is that I can just ignore everything that was irresistible for me before.

6) Peanuts:

8 Worst Foods for People Suffering with Hypothyroidism

Another favorite of mine checked off of my diet list. I recently learnt about peanuts being bad for Hypothyroidism. My new dietitian asked me to avoid peanuts too and I was shocked out of my head because I absolutely love them! Goitrogens can really ruin your life!

7) Soy-Based Foods:

8 Worst Foods for People Suffering with Hypothyroidism

This ingredient is one of the main enemies of people like me. Soya may be the only ingredient that is found widely in products. Sometimes it is named as Emulsifiers or Soya itself. Soy is one of the main reasons your thyroid functions slowly if you consume it and the problem is that nowadays soy is available in mostly all the products (even protein shakes!) so you don’t really know what and till when to avoid. Try and look for alternatives that do not contain soy for a healthier you.

8) Wheat:

8 Worst Foods for People Suffering with Hypothyroidism

Foods containing gluten are a strict no-no for those who suffer from Hypothyroidism. You have to avoid grains and everything gluten-related. Always keep your wheat intake to a minimum, even biscuits and bread. I generally eat rotis made of Jowar or Bajra instead of wheat and they aren’t all that bad!

Conclusion :
Do not consume the above foods on a regular basis thinking they’re healthy and will help you lose weight because they will not if you suffer from Hypothyroidism, in fact they will make you put on instead of making you lose. I know it’s awful that there are so many limitations for people like me. But eating this stuff now and then is not a problem. Regular intake is the thing we should avoid as that will worsen our condition. Eat your tablets daily, eat well and you’re all good! These foods are just a few of the many that are there. I’ve listed these because we usually eat them on a daily basis not knowing what’s good and what’s bad. Do search on Google for the other names.

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7 thoughts on “8 Worst Foods for People Suffering with Hypothyroidism

  1. Shamail thank you for the post, I too have hypothyroidism and I din knw half of what you wrote, like you I too love coffee, with intake of thyroxin sodium tablets I’ve lost oodles of weight and am maintaining it.

  2. Hi shamail,
    U HV mentioned in ur above post that hypothyroid patients shld avoid peanuts but my 14yr old niece who has been diagnosed with hypothyroid & her dietician has recommended handful of peanuts every alternate day…..even v include wheat chapati in both meals as being pure veg…..now I m confused & a bit worried too….

    1. Hi Pooja!
      My doctor is Sarita Davare and she is well-known to reverse all the reports so I trust her completely. . Try to avoid wheat if you’re a victim to Hypothyroidism. . Instead of Peanuts, you can ask your niece to consume Almonds or Dates as they’re very good too!

  3. Hey shamail.. good article.. lots of healthy information as even i am suffering from hypothyroidism and its been like 2 years now and i haven’t lose any weight, its keep on increasing infact. Tried lots of ayurvedic treatments but nothing worked out. Currently i am taking an accupressure therapy for the same and my didoctor have suggested me to consume at least 4 water chestnuts (singhara) everyday as it helps in preventing the disease and once it is under control, it will not let it come to you again. You can get the fresh ones while it is in the season, rest you can get the dried ones but 4 are must for eveyday. Overnight soaked corriander seed water boiled to half and consumed in the morning also helps in shedding those extra kilos.

  4. Hi to all. Myself Dr. Praveen Kumar. Cruciferous vegetables are goitrogenic but it is loaded with cancer fighting substances, Vitamins, minerals etc. Some other are kale, collard greens, brussels sprouts, these are very high in goitrogens and even exotic as well. You can still consume cruciferous vegetables with proper cooking, Boil the vegetables and throw away the water is other thing you can do. Avoid Millet completely in any form, Kidney beans are also restricted but soaking, Sprouting and proper cooking can reduce anti- nutritional factors present in it like pectins, phytic acid which blocks the absorption of essential minerals and saponins is other anti- nutritional factors. So follow above steps and eat in moderation.

    Selenium rich- Try brazil nuts, Only 2 nuts provide you the nutrition, Sunflower seeds, Crabs, Lobsters, brown rice, cottage cheese, Halibut and shrimp or prawns are all selenium rich and you can easily try it out.

    Vitamin D rich- Dairy, eggs, fatty fish etc.

    Vit B12 rich-
    Mollusks, Sardines, Salmon, liver, muscle meat and dairy, Fortified cereals and nutritional yeast.
    Try to eat iodized salt, Americans suffers very less.
    Eat seaweeds like kelp, nori, dulse, wakame and kombu in soups or salads form but try not to overeat them daily in very large amounts because excess of anything is dangerous.

    Eat eggs and mushrooms- These superfoods, yolk provide with the goodness of selenium and white with protein.

    Avoid black tea, Green tea, oolong tea and all caffeinated drinks or limit intake only 2-3 cups per day because they can irritate your gland try herbal tea like chamomile, Hibiscus tea- It can decrease your blood pressure to 10 points and sugar levels also, Miracle tea but consult your physician first if you have these problems as well, Rose tea are healthy options.
    Last but not the least exercise regularly and not to worry at all just follow a healthy lifestyle and eat foods rich in selenium, Zinc, Iodine, Vitamin B12, Iron, Chromium and stay healthy.

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