8 Things You Should Know Before Taking Beauty Supplements

Hi ladies,
In today’s post, let’s talk about things, you should know before taking any kind of beauty supplements.


1. More isn’t better:

If you think that taking more than the recommended dosage will solve your problem quickly, then you are terribly mistaken! Over dosage can have serious health effects so repeat after me, more isn’t better!

2. Do your research:

If you are sure that you want to take any particular supplement, then at least do a thorough research online and offline as well. You should know the kind of ingredients that go into making of those supplements and also know about any possible side-effects.

3. Know why you’re taking them:


Your best friend, your colleagues might be taking those multi-vitamin pills and are advising you to do the same and you are also tempted to do that but don’t just take any random pill, without knowing your body. Certain supplement might work for them but may not work for you, if you don’t have that deficiency. So, don’t just pop pills for the sake of it.

4. Take the right nutrients:

For example, if you are suffering from hair loss problem, then popping those biotin pills and relying on them solely, will not help you. You need to alter your diet a bit, that will help to curb your issue. So, no matter how many supplements you are taking, if you not taking care of your health and eating the right foods, it won’t show any result.

5. Talk to your doctor:

Some of the supplements like vitamin e capsules, multivitamin tablets or even most of the biotin pills are considered harmless and you can take them without any professional advice but there is no harm in asking right? No matter how harmless a pill any look, it is always a good idea to a professional opinion from a doc!


6. Don’t expect a miracle:

Popping a pill, a day for a week will most probably won’t show any noticeable results. You need to be really consistent with the supplements. They are not any miracle pills, that will make you all sorted with your issues. So, bottom-line, don’t expect miracles and overnight results.

7. Prep your body:


If your stress levels are high and if you are not eating well, then chances are those supplements ain’t gonna work! So, try to stay cheerful and eat healthier foods, to maximize the benefits of those supplements.

8. Know when to take them:

Most of the supplements work well, if they are taken between meals so any sugars in your meal don’t affect their absorption but also remember that this is not true for every supplement. So, you should definitely know before hand which supplements work best at what times.

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