9 Beauty Trends that have been Made Popular by Kylie Jenner

By Srijita Poddar

Hi my beauties,

How have you all been doing? Another amazing year is soon coming to an end and I hope it went very well for each and every one of you. At the end of this year, let us look back at some of the beauty trends that were started by the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. She represents exactly what a young icon should be like – bold, fun and carefree.


Plump those lips up:


Which one of us hasn’t died to get our hands on the much coveted Kylie lip kits? We’ve waited for days for our kit to be shipped in the hope that this young girl’s line of cosmetic lip kits will help us achieve those flawless puckers. She has created the rage of over lined plump lips in nude, matte colours. She has herself confessed on the social media that she takes 40 minutes to create those perfect set of lips that has the world drooling.

Lash it up with falsies:


Like the fellow members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie also follows the trend of loud lashes. She doesn’t go too heavy on them but well done lashes are a signature step in her ultra-glam look. She has shown the world that well-done lashes can instantly add oomph to the entire look.

Get the California glow on:


One thing that the Jenners don’t believe in is masking their complexion and Kylie loves her Californian glow so much so that she loves subtly highlighted and then bronzed up skin. In fact, in her recent birthday makeup tutorial, we saw that she loves highlighting before her foundation to get a very natural, fresh and dewy look.

Experiment with hair colour:


The most fun part about Kylie is her love for experimentation and that can be seen with her hair colors. Vivid blues to electric greens. She has done them all and that too with extreme style and panache. She shows us that correct confidence can help you carry off bubble gum pink to silvery blonde with extreme charisma.

Get those acrylic nails:


Her Snapchat and Instagram accounts are filled with images of her manicures. This young starlet shows us that paying attention to detail is extremely important. She just can’t get enough of her perfectly done, super long acrylic nails in glitter, nail art or solid colours.

Brown and nude can be glam:


Kylie lip kits shot to fame for their vast variety of brown and nude lipsticks. Matte liquid lipsticks in nude and brown are a part of Kylie’s signature style. She has shown us that it is time to move over loud reds and pinks and glam it up with subtle shades of brown and nudes instead.

Scotch tape for eyeshadow:


Her recent YouTube video created a rage when she showed the world the hack of using scotch tape for eyeshadow. It’s the perfect hack that will ensure that all the fall outs don’t mess up with the base and you get a clean, shapely edge to your eyeshadows.

Coloured contacts:


Not only does she love playing with her hair colour, Kylie changes the colour of her eyes to match the attire. She has created the trend of sporting playful contacts in colours ranging from shades of blue to grey and hazel.

Have fun with makeup and beauty:


Last but not the least, whether it’s her vivid blue ombre hair, her massively over lined puckered lips or her extra layer of falsies, Kylie shows us that it is extremely to have fun. She represents a breath of fresh air and she is fearless enough to go on experimenting with her looks.

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