9 Benefits of Using Gold-Infused Skincare Products

By Surabhi Singh

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We all know that gold is one of the most valuable minerals. Nowadays, usage of gold in skin care products is trending. It can be included in your beauty regimen in the form of a facial, serum, essence or as a facial mask too. When you start using gold infused skin care products regularly, you will surely notice a dramatic change in your skin’s texture. Well, it is said that Cleopatra had used gold in her skin care routine.

9 Benefits of Using Gold Infused Skincare Products2

So, let’s see the benefits of gold for our skin.

1. Brightens Complexion:

As mentioned in the history, Cleopatra used to apply a gold infused mask every night to enhance her complexion. Gold present in the skin care products brighten up the complexion and make your skin look young, healthy and radiant. Gold boosts the blood circulation and hence, it illuminates your skin thereby, providing a subtle glow.

9 Benefits of Using Gold Infused Skincare Products1

2. Prevents Premature Ageing:

In order to prevent premature ageing of your skin, one should keep their skin well hydrated. Gold stimulates the cells and nerves of the body. This makes the skin firm as it improves the blood circulation nicely. This, in turn, increases the metabolism rate of your cells and reduces the dryness of your skin, the factors which can lead to premature ageing.

9 Benefits of Using Gold Infused Skincare Products

3. Treats Acne:

Gold has anti-bacterial properties which make it a powerful ingredient to fight against acne. Use of gold infused skin care products helps in treating the acne disorder. Gold treats acne without drying out your skin and maintains the hydration throughout the process. There are many treatments available that help in treating acne.

9 Benefits of Using Gold Infused Skincare Products3

4. Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles:

Gold activates the basal cells which increase the elasticity of the skin and help in reducing the fine lines and wrinkles. It helps in healing the damage because of ageing and strengthens the mature skin very well and keeps your skin well-nourished and hydrated. Use of gold in the skin care products can give you spotless and flawless skin. Gold works well on blemishes and other skin imperfections too.

5. Evens out your Skintone:

The Regular usage of gold reduces the production of melanin in the body. This helps in treating the dark spots, blemishes and any other pigmented areas on your skin. This, in turn, helps in making the skintone even. It also reduces the production of melanin and thus, it lightens the complexion thereby, giving your skin a radiant look.

6. Slows Down Collagen Depletion:

Collagen is produced naturally in the body which helps in maintaining smooth skin and shining hair. Collagen depletion from the body starts in the mid-20s. Use of gold infused skincare products can help in collagen boost and gold slows down the rate of depletion of the collagen level in the body. Enhanced collagen level will keep your skin healthy, radiant, smooth and firm.

9 Benefits of Using Gold Infused Skincare Products5

7. Treats Sun Damage:

Sun damage like tanning or sunspots can be treated with the regular usage of gold infused products. Due to an excessive exposure to the sun rays, the production of melanin in the body darkens your skin tone. Gold leaf treatment is very popular for treating sun damage as it works effectively and also rejuvenates your skin.

8. Enhance Elasticity of Skin:

Gold is known to enhance the elasticity of the skin tissues which in turn prevents the sagging of your skin. Using gold infused skincare products reduces the collagen depletion while making your skin well nourished. It keeps your skin well hydrated and prevents it from sagging while making it firm and toned on the other hand.

9 Benefits of Using Gold Infused Skincare Products4

9. Treats Allergies:

As gold is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, it is widely used in the treatment of various skin disorders and allergies. It helps in reducing the redness of the skin and soothes it. It can treat any kind of inflammations or bacterial infections too. The anti-oxidants present in the gold boosts the oxygen in the cells and promote their renewal.

9 Benefits of Using Gold Infused Skincare Products6

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