9 Best DIY Face Packs for All Your Skincare Needs

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Hope you all are doing great. Today I am here to talk about some not-so-common DIY face packs that would help you achieve the skin of your dreams. I believe in following only DIY recipes for skin care as they won’t ever damage your skin. So, let’s get started!

9 Best DIY Face Packs for All Your Skin Needs

Extra sun protection pack

In these hot summers, you need some extra sun protection which can be easily achieved by a simple tomato face pack prepared at home. You need to keep this pack on for fifteen minutes as tomatoes are known to improve collagen production. You just need 1tbsp honey, 1 egg white, 1 crushed tomato and 1/3 cup of cornmeal; mix all of these together to achieve a facepack-like consistency and apply with a brush on your face and neck.

Acne-fighting pack

greek yogurt face pack

When your skin is confused and is suffering from acne due to hormonal issues or due to changes in season, your skin just needs a yogurt face pack to get rid of all the problems. Yogurt is well-known for its probiotic qualities and it also aids inflammation. All you need is 3 tbsp Greek yogurt, and nothing else. Apply it with a cotton ball and wash off with normal water after 10 minutes. This mask, if used twice a week, would heal your breakouts to a great extent.

Youth-boosting pack

Milk is well known for its miraculous qualities, i.e. skin whitening, skin healing, complexion improvement etc. Even if you apply whole milk everyday with a cotton ball, you will find an improved, fairer complexion. For a youthful look, you can use a little quantity of whole organic milk, 3 tbsp rice flour and 1 tsp honey. Mix well and apply twice a week to see excellent effects.

Redness-reducing pack

chamomile tea face pack

Many times, our skin faces stress-related problems which turn our skin red. This can be reduced by using chamomile and kale mask which offers a lot of anxiety-reducing qualities. Kale is rich in antioxidants, Vitamins A, C and K which help to eradicate free-radicals. You require – 3 kale leaves, 1 cucumber, 2 cups chamomile tea, and 6 mint sprigs. Blend all of these and make a mask. Apply to a freshly washed face and keep it on for 10 minutes.

Anti-aging pack

Red wine is known for its amazing benefits and is a favorite of many. How about applying it directly? Mix red wine with an egg to make a pack. Wine contains an important antioxidant called resveratrol which is found in many night creams. But make sure you wash this pack before it’s completely dry.

Dry patch pack

Many girls face dry patch problems despite weather changes. This amazing face mask which involves cinnamon and olive oil in a little quantities can solve this skin issue. If you are facing intensely dry patches over your face then I would suggest you to consult a doctor. But, otherwise, if it is normal for you then you can add a pinch of honey too to cure your super dry skin.

Anti-blemishes pack

turmeric face pack

Blemishes are now at everyone’s hit-list. The ones who have super clean, soft and blemish-free skin are literally blessed. Anyway I am talking about turmeric here which gives you multiple benefits when it comes to homemade remedies. Mix orange peel powder, a pinch of turmeric and 1 tsp honey; mix these well and apply. Oranges make you feel fresh and help reduce dead skin cells. Also orange peel powder can be mixed with rose water and applied directly for fresh-looking skin look.

Skin-softening pack

Red and orange colored masoor dal make your skin really soft and supple. Twice a week, apply a pack by mixing 2 tsp of rosewater or if you have oily skin then mix 2 tsp of lemon juice. Apply this after washing your face. You would notice changes within 2 weeks.

Skin polishing pack

avocado face pack

Skin polishing is not possible until you get rid of dead skin cells. And a homemade exfoliator requires grated coconut, 2 tbsp avocado and 3 tsp pineapple juice. Avocado and coconut can improve skin complexion and gently exfoliate the skin without inducing breakouts. If someone has very dry skin, honey can be added, otherwise coconut itself contains natural oils for moisturisation.

So, enjoy your DIYs, girls. 🙂

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