9 Bizarre Beauty Products That Actually Exist!

I bumped into few bizarre beauty products online while looking for a product and thought of sharing it with IMBB readers. Some of the products are so weird that I couldn’t stop laughing while writing about them. One thing that I have observed is that most of these products are invented by the Japanese designers. Let’s have a look at the 9 most bizarre products available in the market:-

9 Bizarre Beauty Products That Actually Exist! 11

1) Face – Slimmer:-

9 Bizarre Beauty Products That Actually Exist! 7

Well, everyone is not rich like our celebs. They can go for surgery to get desirable features or to enhance them and it seems that Japanese designers understand that very well. Therefore, they have invented pair of “rubber lifts” for women to look young and vibrant. Face –slimmer makes your face look slim. If you’re wondering how it works then the answer is you insert the face slimmer on your mouth and make sound. Do this daily for 3 minutes to tighten your facial muscles and to get rid of wrinkles. To make it more effective, make vowel sounds, suggest Japanese Designers. You can do it anywhere, anytime. Try it in bathroom or while lying on bed. Great invention for lazy girls like me to avoid gym!

2) Face- Bra:-

9 Bizarre Beauty Products That Actually Exist! 6

Ahem! Well, face bra allows you to age gracefully, believe the makers of the product. Who doesn’t want to laugh or smile more every day but when the laughing lines start showing on our face, it get us worried. Laughing lines are not sign of happiness for girls. It indicates that our skin is aging. Face bras are meant to combat these lines. Experts claim that the concept of face bra is similar to sports bra. A face bra is worn on face like any normal bra also to fight the sagging of facial skin.

3) Nose Shaping Clip:-

9 Bizarre Beauty Products That Actually Exist! 8

Nose clip was invented in Japan because most of the Japanese girls dream is to get western shape sharp and long nose. Nose shaping clip is suppose to make your nose straight and may be pointed like parrot? A Japanese company, Hana Twin Moze claims that wearing their plastic nose clip for 20 minutes daily followed by some facial exercises can give you straight nose that too for reasonable price and without any nose surgery. But what they’ve not mentioned is for how many days you’ll have to do this to notice the change.

4) Camel toes guard:-

9 Bizarre Beauty Products That Actually Exist! 2

9 Bizarre Beauty Products That Actually Exist! 3

Camel toes guard is required for the times when you wear tight pants, leggings, jeans or very short and tight bikini. Therefore, it is mostly used by the models for their swimsuit round in runaway to hide their camel toe. Even though it’s worn by the models but many celebs claim to be unaware about it and say that they had never used it. One of the popular brands for this product is Cuchinis. It was created by two south Florida girls Christy Sugrue and Kelly Heyniger because they felt that South Florida girls need something like this when they wear bikini in Florida beaches. Most of the Camel toe guards that are available in market are reusable. You can wash them after every use. An easy alternative of camel toe guard for emergency is sanitary napkins.

5) Pubic Hair Dye:-

9 Bizarre Beauty Products That Actually Exist! 10

Hahaha! Need I say more about this product? The fact that it is widely available in the market implies that this product is actually in demand and used by many!

6) Beauty Spoon:-

9 Bizarre Beauty Products That Actually Exist! 1

If you hate wasting expensive liquid beauty products like foundation, body lotion then this beauty spoon is for you. Use it to spoon out the every bit of your liquid products at the bottom and around bottle. Claudia Hoexter, former model and the inventor of beauty spoon got the idea of creating such a thing suddenly one day when she was in bathroom! Claudia was trying to take out the last bit of serum from the container in the bathroom. She was in hurry so felt like breaking the bottle that’s when the idea of creating beauty spoon hits her. Inspiring, isn’t it? And I am sure all the great inventions like this one were made in bathroom:-p

7) Chin Slimming Mask:-

9 Bizarre Beauty Products That Actually Exist! 5

This is one of the products that I would like to try. This mask makes your chubby face look slim and also help combating double chin.

8) Placenta Moisturizing cream:-

9 Bizarre Beauty Products That Actually Exist! 9

Most of the placentas moisturizing cream contain sheep placenta extract to replenish and firm the skin. Have you ever tried it? If not, there is lots of options available online.

9) Lip Plumper:-

9 Bizarre Beauty Products That Actually Exist! 4

Many girls use these colorful apple shapes plumper to get fuller lips like Kylie Jenner. You need to stick the rubber plumper inside your mouth. At first, you will feel little pain but that’s nothing compare to lip injections or surgery. And it just takes 2 minutes to get Angelia Jolie like lips that too at affordable price.

What do you think about these bizarre beauty products? Will you ever try anyone of these products?

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  1. That was something Shainee 😛 An interesting eye opener post 😉 Funny yes, unbelievable YES like such names and products exist ? 😛 If I have to confess well, it would be the lip plumper task only with a little more spongy box and it does work 😀 😉 🙂

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