9 Common Diet Excuses

diet excusesThrough my experience in talking with different overweight women and men, these are the funniest excuses I have come across! I know they are dead serious about them, but let’s take theirs and mine perspective on them!!!! I know in half of them I sound sarcastic, but really what else I can say?

1. I hardly eat anything….Sniffing at foods…even that makes me fat.

(Okay! this is pure science, if you hardly eat anything, you should be in bed all day as you will have no energy what so ever. Also on other thought, this may be due to yo-yo dieting, where the body simply adapts to eating less.)

2. I hardly eat fried foods or sweets….

(Yes, you do eat them when you are at a party or someone else’s house or an event celebration…Well, I agree that sometimes that’s unavoidable, but there’s a way to overcome that problem. Take sweets and fried food as part of your required daily calorie intake, you will certainly eat less of other foods that day, but eating junk once in a while, will not hinder your progress.)

3. Raw vegetables and salad, nuts makes me chew a lot and I have pain in teeth…

(Well, don’t eat like that then….instead there are other options, steaming the vegetables, sautéing the greens, roasting or grinding the nuts!)

4. My whole life I have been eating Toast without Butter, Roti without ghee….

(Well, you must certainly eat Butter and Ghee….but apply it moderately on two slices or two rotis…not 4 or 5…think of this….fat actually helps to stay fuller a little longer and also helps to absorb important vitamins and minerals that came in with your vegetables.)
diet excuses

5. I have few years of my life…..why not eat rather than suffer…..

(Well think of this way, I have just few years of my life…shouldn’t I deserve to look and be at my best….and not flabby, wobbly individual who is always depressed in front of mirror)…

6. I have a principle….if I have to eat…eat it right, why compromise?

(Well if you choose to eat a thick layer of ghee over thepla or paanv bhaaji with lots of Amul butter, make sure you burn it off right…..by walking two-three additional hours of brisk walking on that particular day….I bet you wont do that saying my knees will give away…..if that’s not possible then let go off your principle…please….living with a huge paunch or butt or chest or arms puts more stress on your joints than two hours of walking).

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7. I eat only 1 proper meal a day….rest of the time I live on fruits….

(Well, this way you will be creating an environment your body will easily adapt to….which is eating less….hence less energy….hence less mood to exercise….hence over-time you will be loosing more muscle and conserve more fats…not to mention the fact that this plan of yours will misfire the target of staying slim and trim).

8. I do yoga, walking, am busy with kids all day, do lot of housework…but I hardly budge an inch…..

(Okay…to make things simple…think of this example…..I am a clerk…I earn Rs.15000 a month, I do invoicing, I do printing, I do lot of errands, I do lot of collections on phone…I am busy all day…still I am not able to save enough to buy a Rs.7,00,000 to buy my own Car…don’t laugh…..your body works exactly the same way….if you do exercises that burn lot of calories, then your output of energy will be more than input of energy and hence that inch will budge….Yoga, walking, housework is excellent for health…but they do not help you burn lot of calories in order for you to loose weight or the body fat).

9. I must finish everything on my plate. Even if it means I am full and cannot eat another morsel…..

(Yes, I have been through this so I know it’s true. We generally tend to put generous portions of food on our plate as thinking I will be able to complete it……but try this approach….I’ll take more later if I need more…plate less and then refill according to your hunger….)

So there are solutions to all the problems and excuses. So next time when you hear someone tell you this, explain the alternatives!

Anyway to end this with a light note, I wish to share with you what my dad jokingly said one day……”If all of us would be perfectly beautiful with perfect bodies looking like hero and heroine, who would go to see movies then?”…..It dawned on me that we are so much delighted (in terms of entertaining) by looking at perfect faces, perfect figures, perfect clothes, so much in fact we want to ape them…..but we forget the fact that countless hours go in achieving perfectionism….whether its exercising to achieve chiseled body, eating little to achieve that sickly slim look, or shopping for hours to get smart & chic clothes.

Regular people do not have that much time or experts swarming around them, so its okay to be less than picture perfect….it okay to be you, its okay to enjoy being you. If you are happy and confident, it will shine through….body language is first impression, being positive is first impression. But if you are negative all the time, unhappy about how you look, have self-esteem issues, even the most perfect team of experts won’t be able to make you shine.

Helping yourself to the best you can, being smart about choices is what life should be about. So go for the cake, but don’t let it sit on you.

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24 thoughts on “9 Common Diet Excuses

  1. lol………….my excuse is
    6. I have a principle….if I have to eat…eat it right, why compromise? :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:

    great article Nia…..I just got to know my jeans is getting tighter and I need to exercise now….have to really loose 2-3 kgs in a month :((

    1. I have another article in works to help you with this……so wait for that!!! and I am glad you are taking the initiative now rather than going careless abt it! :victory:

    1. :green: :green: :green: :green: :green: :green: :green: :green: :green: :green: tell me know howwwww………..Zeeba me love you….tell the secret no :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

      1. i seriously didnt do anything……as soon as summers start..i dnt eat food only..khaya hi ni jaata..i am on juices and noodles suddenly.. 😛

        maggie maagi maaaagii…… i cn live on noodles for my life.. 😛

        1. he he same here zeeba…i love maggiiiiiiii…..my dad jokes that one day i will turn yellow becoz of maggie :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

            1. I also love Maggi….its my favorite snack or meal…..and its made so quick, its pretty much my savior on the days when nothing goes right….. :secret2:

  2. Nia, fantastic article :)) I am going to stick this on my wall “Take sweets and fried food as part of your required daily calorie intake, you will certainly eat less of other foods that day, but eating junk once in a while, will not hinder your progress. ”

    the last paragraph was beautifully written. 🙂

  3. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: sniffing the food makes me fat :lol2: :lol2: GOOD ONE ! :lol2: !
    YAAR TUM SAB LOG MUJE “FAT” DE DOO … I LL GLADLY ACCEPT … HAHAHAHAAHa . . motape ki problems discuss kar rahe ho… WT ABT POOR GIRLS LIKE ME -who cant gain a few kilo s YAAR 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥

        1. Very first thing I notice in skinny people, they worry about everything! So STOP worrying and become bindaas…that alone will put on some kilos….EAT Ice-cream everyday…..EAT french fries…..and EAT little more than you think you can eat….This is what people who tend to put on weight do…..( are jaane anjaane mein humse bhi aisa ho jata hai)…..then I feel so guilty…..ke kyu khaya……kyu….kyu….. 😥

  4. Nice article Nia! We Indians esp are experts at excuses like these..anything to add an extra spoon of ghee on your roti/daal and another sweet on our plates!!

  5. Thank you!!! :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

    All of the above is so true na!!!! I have heard all these comments every now and then from people who always seem to be on diet……..

  6. I absolutely love your article…. :heart: I dnt need it though….. Trying to loose the few extra punds I had left me with a dehydrated, anoerix (nt really) body, hair loss, ugly skin and lack of stamina and strength… ppl do it rite.. otherwise it will take away thing that u already have… 🙂

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