9 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Using a Flat Iron

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Straight and smooth hair are adored by every girl and this is the reason why most of the girls have a flatiron on their dressing table. On a general note, girls with straight hair can confidently leave their hair free. Moreover, a flatiron can be used to create lovely waves as well. Do you really think that you do not make any mistakes while using a flatiron? Let’s discuss the common ones.

9 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Using a Flatiron

1. You straighten up your hair in hurry – If you have no time to settle each strand with the flatiron and straighten up properly, just skip the plan because half straight and half wavy hair would not look nice.

2. You do not let your hair cool after ironing – Many girls tempt to touch the straight hair again and again right after using flatiron which is a clear mistake. Let your hair reach to the normal temperature. Touching your nearly hot hair will deposit the oil and sweat from your hands on to the strands.

hair sectioning
3. You do not part your hair in sections before ironing – You must stop believing the fallacy of using a flatiron to straighten up your hairs without parting your hairs in different sections. To obtain perfect straight hair, it is compulsory to create small sections and use the flatiron on them separately.

4. You set the temperature very high – I do not need to explain this point because we all are familiar with the inimical effect of high temperatures on hair.

5. You set the temperature very low – This point might surprise you. Even a low temperature can cause problems while using the flatiron for hair straightening. You are likely to use the iron on each strand frequently, if you use the flatiron by setting it on a very low temperature.

6. You do not untangle the hair before ironing – If you want faultlessly straightened hair, then you shall have to untangle all the hair strands before ironing. There is no other optimal way to begin the use of flatiron on your hair.

heat protectants
7. You do not use any heat protectants – Even your persistent hair spa sessions would not be able to protect your hair if you do not use a heat protectant while using a flatiron. After all, there must be a significant reason for the existence of such products.

8. You avoid the steaming or sizzle you notice – Have you noticed steam or any sizzling sound while pressing your hair? It is most likely to occur when you use the flatiron on wet or damp hairs. If you come to notify any such thing, stop the ironing process immediately.

9. You do not clean the flatiron – You should definitely clean your flatiron before and after using it. Any heat protecting cream or spray applied during the hair straightening settles on the iron plates, making them inappropriate for next use.

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