9 Common Skin Care Mistakes that Could Age You Faster

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We all know how UV rays and pollution are the culprits behind premature ageing of the skin. However, apart from UV rays and pollution, our lifestyle, skin care routine and daily habits also contribute to skin ageing. These factors are equally responsible and should be adjusted for a youthful skin. Thus, let’s take a look at those skin care mistakes that could be ageing your skin prematurely.

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Skipping the serum step

Serums are the utmost concentrated treatment in the whole skincare routine. They can deliver more benefits in very less time. You can always look for natural active ingredients in your serum if you don’t want to opt for chemical-loaded ones. Serums are intensely hydrating and deliver anti-ageing benefits as well. Not to mention, if you have a mature or dry skin, you should not skip this step.

Avoiding oils

Very few people know that incorporating facial oils in the skin care routine can make a vast difference. When a facial oil is chosen according to the skin type and condition, it can clearly provide a huge list of benefits to the skin. Many facial oils are truly hydrating, oil balancing and have the capability to deliver anti-ageing properties, hence they make your skin look youthful and healthy.

Using the wrong cleanser

Always choose a cleanser based on your skin type. If you have dry skin and you are using a foaming cleanser, then it will make your skin overly dry, which could lead to skin ageing. Similarly, if you have oily skin and you are not using a foaming cleanser, it will not keep your skin oil-free. Thus, choosing a cleanser can have a significant effect on the skin.

Over cleansing or over-exfoliating

Over-cleansing your skin can make it dry, chafed and red, and we all know that dry skin is very much prone to ageing. Cleansing your face more than the optimum number of times in a single day will promote ageing of your skin and make it look dull, dry and flaky. Similarly, over-exfoliating can irritate your skin while making it look flushed. Exfoliating helps you get rid of dead skin cells to promote the growth of healthy skin cells. When you over exfoliate, it does more harm to your skin.

Not using chemical exfoliants

Apart from physical exfoliants, invest in some chemical exfoliants, like AHA exfoliants, as well. You can find alpha hydroxy acid in many anti-ageing skincare products because it promotes the cell regeneration and repairs your skin faster. AHA in beauty products is mainly used in the form of glycolic acid or lactic acid. Alpha hydroxy acids penetrate into the skin and dissolve the layer of dead skin cell. This, in turn, increase the cell turnover and promote the growth of the healthy and young cells. This also reduces the visibility of age spots.

Ignoring your eyes

Certainly, your eyes and hands are the first in the game to show the sign of ageing. Thus, ignoring your eyes is not a good option for you. When you are sitting in front of the laptop all day or roaming in the sun, all the eye squinting adds up in the game of ageing. It leads to crow’s feet and wrinkles.

Inconsistent skin care habits

If you continue jumping from products to products, then not a single product will ever show its effect. For visible results, one must stick to a product for at least 4 weeks. Before 4 weeks, you can not exactly determine if it is working for your skin or not. Similarly, if you are skipping any step in your skincare routine, it is not going to provide you with any benefit. You must opt for a particular skin care routine and must stick to it for at least 4 weeks.

Depending too much on anti-ageing products

Anti-ageing cosmetic products are often laden with harsh chemicals. Over the course of time, the chemicals present in the products can do more damage than good. Always look out for the ingredients list and steer clear of chemicals like paraben, mineral oils, triclosan, etc. Similarly, when using anti-ageing ingredients like retinol, one must follow each and every precaution to keep the skin unharmed.

Being too rough

Always be super gentle on your skin because it is extremely fragile. While cleansing or exfoliating, never be rough to your skin to prevent damage. If you are being too rough on your skin, it can lead to irritation, wrinkles and redness. Never put too much pressure on your skin while applying makeup as well. Also, always be very gentle while removing makeup from your eyes and lips as well.

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