9 Different Types of Backless Tops to Rock the Backless Look

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How are you all? I am doing well. Today we would be talking about different types of backless tops. I am sure if you are a true and bold fashionista, you won’t mind trying all these types of backless tops. There are many types of backless tops, and you can pick any one among them that will give a sultry and sexy appearance.

backless top

1. Open Back Top
open backless

Open Back Top is one of the favorite for all the girls out there. Open Back Tops are generally available in chiffon, cotton or with lace. You can choose the appropriate type of Open Back Top according to your body.

2. Backless Drape Top
drape top

Backless Drape Top is so elegant and feminine! You can pair this type of top with jeans or maxi skirt. Once paired with something good, Backless Drape Top will give you a priceless look.

3. Twist Backless Top
twisted top

If you want to look cool and chic, opt for twist backless top. This top is simple and unique generally opted by girls when they are on honeymoon. Go for buns along with such type of revealing tops.

4. Cut Out Back Top
cut out top
In this type of top you can see some interesting cut outs in the back. It will give you a sexy look when paired with shorts or denim.

5. Deep V Back Top
v shape

When dressed with fitted jeans, Deep V Back Top will look cool and sassy. There are many types of fabric available in such type of tops, but choose the silk one as it will give you a cool and classy look.

6. Backless Workout Top
workout top

Backless Workout Top became popular in India after Alia Bhatt wore it. Strappy sports bra with your backless workout top will give you support and give your backless top a sexy look. It will be perfect for your workout session at gym.

7. Backless Tank Top
tank top

Backless Tank Top is a must in every girl’s wardrobe. They are comfortable and suitable for holidays. Backless Tank Top will be good for beaches and pools.

8. X Back Top
x top
X Back Top helps to relieve pressure from your back and neck and comfortable for a long day, and does not need any accessories to make it look good, just remember to play the hair game well.

9. Backless Halter Top
halter top
Backless Halter Top are in fashion since 60’s and 70’s, and never out of fashion. Backless Halter Top are always in vogue and you can wear them anywhere, anytime.

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