9 Different Types of Mascara Wands

Mascaras are always there to warm up eyeful experience to one’s eye. If you believe eyes are the image of the soul, then believe me nothing can make your eyes look as good as mascara. Mascara helps to lengthen, curl, volumize and add shape to your eyelashes. The only thing that is important is how you should choose the right type of mascara wand according to your eyelashes. Did you know there are more than nine different variety of mascara wands? Well, know more about different types mascara wands and their uses.

9 Different Types of Mascara Wands (2)

1. Thick Bristle Wand:

9 Different Types of Mascara Wands 1

Thick Bristle Wand are the common type of mascara wand that is used by most of the women who have shorter eyelashes. It helps to give fullness to your eyelashes and gives a full coverage to your eyes without any clumps.

2. Spherical Tip Wand:

9 Different Types of Mascara Wands 2

Most of us are not aware of the Spherical Tip Wand. Spherical Tip Wand is typically one of the smallest types of mascara wand which are used to detail every eyelashes. It is just like a small comb that can help you to enhance every lash in detail. The wand is small in size as front brush, so detailing becomes extremely simple with Spherical Tip Wand.

3. Thin Bristle Wand:

9 Different Types of Mascara Wands 3

Using Thin Bristle Wand is a plus point for all those who want clean look every time. Thin Bristle Wand helps to give you a light and natural look.

4. Curved Wand:

9 Different Types of Mascara Wands

Curved Wand is a super easy wand that is extremely simple to use. Curved Wand is generally for those who are always in a hurry and don’t have enough time to detail their eyelashes. If you want a temporary fix with your eyelashes, Curved Wand is the best.

5. Micro Tip Wand:

9 Different Types of Mascara Wands 5

Micro Tip Wand can help to give you dark pigment effect on your eyelashes. If you barely wear makeup, you should prefer using Micro Tip Wand as it will make sure that your eyes get all the attraction. It gets down to the root of eyelashes and look natural as well as great.

6. Straight Wand:

9 Different Types of Mascara Wands 6

Straight wand are extremely easy to use, as the wand is straight you can tilt them and use them at an angle to get adequate coverage over every single lash of yours.

7. Comb Master Wand:

9 Different Types of Mascara Wands 7

Comb Master Wand is the best type of mascara wand when you want to avoid clumps in an eyelash. Generally, clumps on eyelash are generally due to bad quality of mascara or the wand. Comb Master Wand helps to distribute the liquid equally in your lashes thus giving you natural looking and long eyelashes.

8. Balled Tip Wand:

9 Different Types of Mascara Wands 8

Balled Tip Wand is rarely found in a market but it is one of the best wands if you want to create a fake impression of having naturally thick flutter. You need to give some time with the Balled Tip Wand in order to get professional and quick results.

9. Tapered Wand:

9 Different Types of Mascara Wands 9

Tapered Wand is also called as Christmas tree shaped wand and it plumps up your eyelashes and separates each individual strand. The Tapered wand has plenty of volume at the base which thins out towards the tip and is extremely easy to be used.

These are the different types of mascara that you can prefer using according to your preference.

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