9 Exciting Places to Workout Other Than the Gym

Does the prospect of hitting the gym scare you? Does gym membership seem like a waste of time and money to you? Are you not ready to compromise on your fitness, but going to the gym bugs you? So keep reading, for I tell you some great places of working out besides your local gym.

workout at home

1. Your Living Room

Misread it? No, really! You can easily transform your drawing room into a fitness zone and do weights, squats, lunges even as you watch your favorite show. Too good to be true? Try using your home workout equipment or lifting dumbbells (even filled water bottles would do) as you devour the newest twist on telly.

2. Kitchen

Your domestic chores help you burn calories, so try moving about, cooking, washing, cutting veggies and organizing shelves. Not only would you reward your family and yourself with a healthy meal, but also do your body good by burning some calories.

3. Stairs

stairs running

A flight of stairs can add so much to your monotonous exercise regimen. Use stairs instead of the lift, do lunges, cardio workouts and step ups. Vary the pace and see the difference in just a week.

4. Dance Floor

zumba class

Shake it, mama! The pumping and jiggling on the dance moves makes for a super fun workout. The zumba or salsa class you joined can give the adrenalin rush you experience from intense training.

5. Swimming Pool

Not just by swimming laps, pool exercises can help in excellent weight loss and body toning. Kick, cycle, jump, raise your limbs and find how easily your body adapts to this workout. Plus, aqua aerobics is a rage, and group sessions surely make the boring workouts much more fun.

6. Office Desk

Yoga Your Desk

Not the conventional workout place, but long hours of sitting at the desk can be interspersed with engaging stretching sessions. Do some quick stretching and flexibility exercises which make you fitter and focused.

7. Play Courts

Yes, sports are the biggest alternative to working out in the gym. Challenge yourself by playing tennis, squash, basketball or such which make use of your core muscles and give you strength and resistance. Plus, you can do stretching, calisthenics or warm ups.

8. Parks

woman jogging

Feel closer to nature, and live in the moment. A stroll, jog or run in the park followed by old school calisthenics, stretching, squats, lunges and so on can give all you desire. Or you can even cycle in the park for an hour, and see how you drop the pounds.

9. Mountainous or Hilly Terrain

Perfect for hiking, running or mountain biking, you can build up strength, endurance and have a fitter body and mind. A great reason for getting away from the city, what say?

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