9 Game-Changing Makeup Tips for Acne-Prone Skin

By Khadeeja A.

Hello everyone,

I have had acne prone skin all through my teenage and had a really tough time fighting it. After years of struggle, my skin is finally in a better condition. However, acne and breakouts are not limited to teenagers only. So here are a few makeup tips to convert ‘a bad skin day’ into ‘a better skin day’. Read on to know more.

Rose water is your BAE

Before applying your base, apply rose water all over your face, either by spraying it or gently dabbing it on your skin using cotton. Rose water acts as an excellent toner and is also very gentle on the skin. It is very soothing on the skin and adds a healthy glow instantly.

Prime it up

Apply a good quality primer. Primers sit on the skin surface and fill in open pores and mild bumps. So, using a good primer will improve the texture of the skin.

Colour correct

A full coverage foundation might look cakey on acne prone skin. Instead of going for a full coverage foundation, it is better to colour correct your acne and scars.

Subtle base makeup

As soon as you see a pimple, you might feel the urge to cover it using a full coverage foundation and then top it up with a concealer. But please don’t, especially if you had a heavy breakout. Because using a heavy foundation might cover up the redness of a pimple but it cannot cover up for the bumpy surface of the skin. It will accentuate the bumps even more. Applying a well blended, even layer of foundation is really difficult on acne prone skin. So, go for a subtle base. Go for a tinted moisturiser or a BB cream instead.

A pout so bright

Go for a bright lip shade. It takes the attention away from your skin. Deeper lip shades also help. Learn to choose lip colors for your skin tone and use them to add beauty to your face.

Bold eyes

You can also draw attention to your eyes by opting for bold smokey eyes. Use coloured eyeliners or beautiful lashes and let your eyes do the talking for you.

Highlight your best

Instead of being concerned about the acne prone areas, try to bring the focus to the other areas. Apply a soft highlight. Highlight your cheeks and face, particularly in areas where your skin is clear of acne. A great way to bring out the best of your skin, right?

Bronze and blush

Apply blush and bronzer to define your facial structure. However, stick to natural shades and blend everything well. The subtle color of blush will add more beauty and bronzer will add a nice, much-needed warmth.

Good quality brushes

Invest in good quality brushes and be very light handed. Also, keep your brushes clean to avoid more skin issues.

Hope this helps. 🙂

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