9 Hair Colors for Yellow, Olive and Warm Undertones

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We do tell everyone to find foundations that match the skin tone as it is important to maintain your skin color. But it is different when it comes to your hair. Coloring the hair gives you an effortless makeover ad changes your look completely. However, it is important to choose colors that suit your skin tone. In today’s post, I will tell you about few hair colors that look gorgeous on warm skin tones. If you have yellow or olive undertone, then these colors will suit you perfectly.

9 Hair Color for Yellow Olive and Warm Undertones

1. Copper Hair

This is a great color for yellow undertone. If you have very fair to fair skin tone, this color will suit you perfectly. The color will enhance your yellow undertone. It is a great combination of red and bronze that gives your hair an unique makeover. If you love bold shades, then this one will never fail to impress you.

2. Strawberry Blonde

Beautiful Woman with Long Healthy Hairstyle. Perfect Model with Brown Hair and Cute Face

This is a super cute color that looks great if you have light skin tone and yellow undertone. It is the lightest red shade that adds a soft glow to your face. You can add some highlight, try the ombre trend or make all dye the full hair.

3. Cool Grey Blond

This one is for the Kim K lover’s out there. This brings a contrast to your deep yellow skin and creates a super bold look. If you feel that you can carry this, definitely give this color a try.

4. Ebony Brown

Beautiful woman with long elegant straight hair

If you don’t like drastic changes in your hair color, then opt for this deep brown color. It will look dark like your black hair, but will be still noticeable. Although it suits all skin tone, it looks striking on fair to medium skin.

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5. Yellow Highlights

If you love playing with funky colors, you can give this one a try. The highlights will create a great contrast against dark skin and brown or dark hair. It is better suited for women with bob hair.

6. Violet Hair

Asian woman looking up at camera

As ultra violet is the color of the year, you may give this shade a try for your hair. The cool shade neutralizes the yellowness and strikes a perfect balance. You can also try other shades of violet including plum or purple.

7. Reddish Blonde

While pale blond may not suit everyone, this reddish blonde color looks great on every skin tone. If you have yellow undertone, the color adds richness to your hair. It enhances your features and makes you look bolder.

8. Sun-kissed Cinnamon

Smiling Woman Over Blue Background

Cinnamon is the perfect reddish brown shade for women with yellow undertone. A few sun-kissed blond highlights among that allow you to stand out in the crowd.

9. Expresso

This deep blackish brown color is again a perfect choice for yellow undertone and deeper skin tone. While it may look too bold on pale skin, it suits the medium to dusky skin perfectly. It allows you to bring a change in your regular hair color without looking OTT.

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