9 Hairstyle Trends to Look Forward to in 2016

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A girl’s relationship with her hair is just unpredictable, but one thing is definite that a person can get a bit of idea about a girl’s mood just by her hairstyle. In fact, there is a misconception that having a new haircut right after the breakup helps in moving on with the unpleasant events occurred in the past. Strange… right? As the year 2016 has arrived with lots of exciting fashion and beauty trends, the hairstyle trends for this year have also been announced. Here in this post, I will unveil all the hairstyles which will take the lead this year.

Kendall Jenner

1. Beautiful bob cut with slight waves – I have short hair, so I am glad that 2016 is overwhelmed with marvelous hairstyles for short hair. Bewitching bobs with slight wavy curls have stricken the vogue again. This hairstyle is apt for heart shaped and diamond shaped face. Get this classic hairstyle to flaunt your sharp chin, toned jaw line and cute cheekbones like Taylor Swift.
Taylor Swift

2. Statement bangs with classic touch – I like to call bangs as a boon for girls with broad forehead. In fact, bouncy bang look is one of those hairstyles which suit all face shapes. Moreover, blunt fringes perfectly complement the bob haircut, so it would be a great idea to try statement bangs this time. It is a cool look for square shaped face. I love the way how Keira Knightley covers her wide forehead with statement blunt fringes.
olivia wilde

3. Lovely lobs up to the collarbone – Lovely lobs have come to impress with its elegance. It is going to be suitable for straight as well as curly hairs. If you are a working woman and don’t like to spend much time on hairdos, then you must go for straight collarbone lobs. Even wavy lobs are cool to carry if your face shape is round or oval.

4. Tremendously textured long waves – If you have long hair, you will just love this hairstyle. You must be thinking that textures have nothing to do with waves. When long hair are curled to create soft waves, a slight touch of added texture can enhance the overall look. This is an appropriate hairstyle for square shaped face.
Megan Fox

5. Straight and sober short hair Simplicity is the real beauty and we girls have got the chance to implicate this saying by the straight and short hairstyle trend. You can add some layers or waves if you have thin hair.

6. Magnificent multiple layers – I must say that the hairstyle trends 2016 have come up with amazing haircut ideas for all girls irrespective of their hair type, length and volume. If you have thin hair, you can go for a multiple-layer haircut to add some volume to the hair and mend the dullness dramatically.

7. Soft and super-curly hair – This year, you can flaunt your ostentatious curls by providing some softness through mild treatments because the smooth strands of hair will make the curls look even more graceful.

8. Furiously textured fringes – Textured fringes have come up as a great alternative of blunt bangs to highlight the eyebrows. It is not necessary to have a wide forehead to wear this hairstyle. Isn’t that amazing?
Anne Hathaway

9. The long-short duo – This hairstyle will grab the attention of fierce girls who like to do experiments with hairs. A haircut with long straight lobs from the front and short from the back is in trend this year. Moreover, it is a derived form of bob cut so it should not be confused with pixie cut.

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