9 Incredible Ways To Achieve A Flawless Makeup Base

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My post today is about something that all of us are interested in doing—achieving a smooth, flawless and perfect makeup base. Your makeup base—foundation, concealer, powder, etc.—are meant to make your complexion look smooth and flawless. Unfortunately, it’s so easy to go wrong with these base makeup products. More often than not, they end up looking too thick and cakey and feel excessively greasy, heavy and uncomfortable on the skin. If they’re too lightweight in texture, they don’t end up providing enough coverage and the skin tone doesn’t look even despite using the base product. In a third scenario, the product ends up dissolving and rubbing off too early on. The list of issues is endless. So, how does one strike the perfect balance to achieve a perfected, flawless makeup base that lasts through the day, doesn’t look heavy and yet feels comfortable? Let’s take a look at some of the simple ways in which you achieve a flawless, lightweight and long-lasting makeup base.

9 Incredible Ways To Achieve A Flawless Makeup Base

1. Choose a foundation as per your skin concerns: If you have oily skin, make sure that your foundation is oil-free. If you don’t like using too many base products but need a lot of coverage, opt for a full-coverage foundation that can be sheered out for when you don’t need too much coverage. Always keep your skin concerns in mind before choosing which foundation to wear. Keep 2-3 different types of foundation in your stash to mix things up as per your requirements.

applying foundation

2.  Never skip using a primer: A primer will smooth your skin out, fill in any fine lines and prep your skin for an even and long-lasting application of foundation. If you find that your foundation doesn’t last long enough or looks too cakey or settles into the fine lines, then primer is what you need.

3.  Always apply your foundation first: To reduce the amount of base product you apply, always apply foundation before concealer. This will help you assess exactly how much concealer you need.

4.  Use a foundation brush and then a makeup sponge: Use a foundation brush to first evenly distribute the foundation across your skin. Follow this up with a damp Beauty Blender to take away any excess product and to evenly blend the product into your skin.

Ways To Achieve A Flawless Makeup base

5.  Use more than one colour of concealer: Don’t rely on just one concealer if you have both dark circles and blemishes to cover. For under the eyes, use a colour corrector under your concealer or go for a concealer that is a shade or two lighter than your skin tone. For blemishes, pick a concealer that exactly matches your skin tone.

6.  Vary the consistency of the concealers: Always use a lightweight concealer for under the eyes to prevent creasing. You could use a cream formula if you require heavier coverage on blemishes and scars.

7. Don’t use powder to add coverage: Don’t make the mistake of using a powder to add further coverage to your skin, as this will make your makeup look heavy and cakey. Use a translucent powder to set your makeup in place.

applying makeup on face

8.  Make use of blotting sheets: Gently press blotting sheets against your skin once you have applied all your base products. This will take away any excess oils from your base products and lock the pigment in. This prevents greasiness and allows the makeup to last longer.

9.  Add a few drops of oil to your foundation: If your foundation clings to your dry patches or ends up looking and feeling too heavy through the day, all you need to do is add a few drops of any facial oil to your foundation. Mix them well together on the back of your hand and apply it on your face for a natural and radiant finish.

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