9 Inexpensive Ways to Have a Relaxing Bath

By Priyanka Dixit

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Hope you all are doing well. I am eagerly waiting for summers. Do you know why? Because it’s the best time for a relaxing bath. I like summers because I can take bath anytime I want to. Bath relaxes our body, mind and soul, and to make it a pleasant experience, try these inexpensive tips.

9 Inexpensive Ways to Have a Relaxing Bath

1. Time it Well

I always try to create a peaceful environment when I want my whole body to relax. Bath is a part of our daily routine, but due to our busy schedule, we are often not able to enjoy it. So, do not forget to take a relaxing bath when you enjoying vacations, holidays and in your leisure time for your own body. A relaxing bath can prove to be more therapeutic than you can imagine. But, before rushing into the bathroom, make sure the time is right. You should not be surrounded by much sound, and should not be in a rush.

2. Create a Peaceful Atmosphere

Clean your washroom before taking a bath. Clean your bath tub or the shower area. Put in some fresh rose petals in water or any others petals. You can use roses, jasmine , lavender, iris etc. This will add antioxidants to your body and calm your mind.

3. Use Mild Fragrance and Soothing Music

Scented candle

Light some aromatherapy incense sticks or scented candles like vanilla, sandal, amber, violet, lemon grass, mogra, magnolia, rose or lavender. Now play some calm music for creating an attractive environment while you bathe. Slow music can reduce your stress levels and you won’t feel bored. Don’t forget to bring your favorite magazine or book into the bathroom.

4. Incorporate Some Oils

shower oil

Oiling is not only meant for babies, but for adults too. We absolutely need it for better skin and to relax our muscles. Oiling before shower will improve your blood circulation, moisturize your skin deeply and relax your senses too. You can also try abhyanga, which is an ayurvedic massage technique and takes only 15 minutes. If not your entire body, try to massage your feet and calves.

5. Mind the Temperature

Be careful for the temperature of your water plays an important role too. The temperature should be normal. If water is too cold, it can make you sick, and if it is too hot, it can create burn your or leave your skin dry. Your bath water should be cosy, so you can enjoy a relaxing bath and allow your body some rest.

6. Beverages and Snacks

relaxing beverages

If you want to extend your bath time, try some beverages like lemon juice, green tea, smoothies, hot coffee, juices or mocktails. If you love to eat, you can also take some snacks like fruits or salads. You can enjoy your bath time with the best company of snacks or good drinks.

7. Use Luxurious Body Wash or Ayurvedic Soaps

Use your favourite body wash or soap, which is suitable for your skin type. You can try many ayurvedic soaps and neem soaps because neem is the best ingredient for everyone. Rub your body with a little towel, so your dead skin gets removed; otherwise you can add salts too for that radiant, silky and smooth skin.

8. Fix After-Bath Lotion Therapy

argan oil

After a relaxing bath of at least 30 minutes, dry your body with a furry soft towel and start applying lotion on your whole body. Using lotion will make your skin supple, soft and protected. You can put some body oil also like olive oil, sesame oil, argan oil and can massage gently for long-lasting moisturization.

9. Drink One Glass of Water

Water is a part of our life, but here I advise you to drink one glass of water after a relaxing shower. It will keep you hydrated, relaxed, energetic and will improve your immunity too. You can also drink one glass of water before taking a bath as it helps in lowering your blood pressure down.

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