9 Major Beauty and Makeup Blunders We All Have Been Guilty Of

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Today I will be talking about 9 major beauty and makeup mistakes we all have been guilty of committing, at some point or the other. Read on…

9 major beauty and makeup blunders we all have been guilty of

1. Ditch the flaky mascara
9 major beauty and makeup blunders we all have been guilty of1

It’s so tough finding the perfect volumizing lengthening mascara, we often grow attached to our favorites and refuse to let go. However, mascaras should ideally be thrown from 3 to 6 months of use. So if your mascara is flaking, it’s time to move on.

2. Patches of bronzer
9 major beauty and makeup blunders we all have been guilty of3

Applying bronzer on cheeks without blending creates patchy islands. Plus we often forget to add a touch of bronzer on the neck and ears for that sun-kissed glow.

3. Masks of foundation
9 major beauty and makeup blunders we all have been guilty of2

Foundation needs to match skin tone. Without proper blending, the foundation tends to look cakey and extremely unnatural. Plus, it’s a cardinal sin to ignore your ears, neck and chin, so use your foundation sponge to apply the residual foundation on these areas for the evened out look.

4. Forgetting to frame your brows
Fill in the brows, for they are the focal point of attention. Forgetting to groom them will waste your eye makeup efforts. However make sure they don’t look unnaturally made up or extra bold.

5. Falsies effects
The false eyelashes need to be worn with care; make sure the glue or adhesive part is not visible.

6. Eye makeup fallout
Eye makeup needs to be done before putting on your foundation and setting powder, so that fallout from the eyeshadows doesn’t mess up with the makeup. Or use a tissue paper to prevent fall out issues.

7. Not tight lining your eyes
Tight lining fills the pale spaces in your eyes and makes them naturally beautiful. Skipping this would lessen the chance of your eye makeup stand out.

8. Feathered lippies
Bleeding or feathering lipsticks look unattractive. Best is to use a lip liner and powder the outer edges of your lips to have a perfect pout.

9. SPF on face only
Sunscreen is a must for all exposed areas, not just your face. Tanned neck and arms with a fair face…you get the drift right?

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