9 Mistakes No Woman Should Make After Getting Married

Being a newly married girl is not an easy task. You are supposed to behave in a certain way and look a certain way when you get married. It all becomes a little too confusing at times and because of that we end up doing some things, only to regret later. Let’s find out which are those things that can be avoided, and no married woman should do in order to make her marriage a happy and successful one.

9 Mistakes No Woman Should Make After Getting Married4

Not Being Clear About Expectations

Expectations or no expectations – this will be the foundation stone for all the years to come. Don’t expect too much and you guys will be happy. Problems arise when there are too many expectations, but too less fulfilments.

Not Making Time for Friends

Okay you have got married, but that does not mean that you can’t have your old friends or old life. True friends are to be cherished forever. You might want to keep your friends around for all those harmless chit chatting and b**ching sessions that revolve around your new found family. 😛

Not Trusting Him Enough

You might be a little too possessive and you don’t want him to go out with his friends. Trust me girls, this is only going to suffocate him. Have trust in the man you married!

Being Too Quick to Please

9 Mistakes No Woman Should Make After Getting Married2
For instance, you got into a fight and it was your husband’s mistake and you still said sorry because you thought that it might upset him. This is wrong! Don’t do things just to pacify him or please him. Shower him with all the love in the world, but keep your self-respect intact.

Leaving the Job

If leaving your job is your own choice then it’s okay, otherwise it can never be okay. If you are leaving your job just because someone told you to, then please reevaluate everything as you need to think twice.

Not Giving Space to Your Partner

Attractive Woman Listening To Her Boyfriend
Both of you take your own ME time away from each other, and give space to each other. This way you will always have something to talk about and you will never fall into a rut.

Expecting Him to Read Your Mind

If something is bothering you, then have a discussion with your partner. Do not expect your guy to be a mind reader. We all know guys can’t really pick on hints; we just have to say it.

Forgetting to Be Independent

This is the perk of a marriage that you are never alone. There is always a plus one. In the process we start to rely on our husbands for everything and stop doing things on our own. Just in case the husband doesn’t do what is expected of him, there are fights about it. So never forget to do things on your own.

Forgetting to Cherish Their Partner

9 Mistakes No Woman Should Make After Getting Married1
Some girls really do change after marriage. They don’t get ready just for their husband; they drown themselves in all the household activities and forget to cherish their beloved partner. No matter what you do or don’t do, always make time for your husband for a bright and happy future together.

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  1. Nice Article Vandana! 🙂 Even though we do not want to, we commit these mistakes often 😀 especially reading the mind 😛 Poor husbands 😀

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