9 Must Try Nail Trends for Spring/Summer 2016

Hi ladies,
We all like to dress up but sometimes fail to give the same attention and care to our nails. Here in this post let’s talk about some of the biggest nail trends that you can flaunt this spring/summer season!
spring summer nails

1. Textured Nails

textured nails
This will be a quite a big trend for this year. Textured nails are so in vogue. There all kinds of textures you can try on your nails such as manicured, textured French nails, textured metallic nails, paint splatters and what not!

2. Chequered Nails

Chequered Nails
Checks are good anywhere from clothing items, accessories to even nails now. You can try plaids, checks or stripes patterns on your nails using different nail paints and thin brushes.

3. Minimalist Nail Art

minimalist nail art
As much as textured nails are in vogue, minimalist nail art is not left far behind. If you are all for elegant looking minimalist nail designs like two toned nails, nude nails or just a small dot on your nail paint then try this trend!

4. Line Effects on Top of the Cuticles

line format nail art
This is such a great trend to try. In this one, you start with applying solid colored nail paint on your nails. It could be any colour from light to dark. Then by using a thin brush, you draw a thin line on top of your cuticles on your fingernails.

5. Matte Nails

matte nails
Matte makeup is such a rage and so are the matte nails. They were so popular last year and this year also they are not going anywhere. If you are the one who dislike the shine on everything even your nails then matte trend is just for you.

6. Rainbows on the Nails

rainbow nails
If you love everything bright and vibrant then why not go for rainbows on your nails. You can use various colours to get this look or you can also use a touch of glitter also for a sparkling effect.

7. Negative Space Nail Art

negative space nails
This nail trend has been going strong for a while now and is definitely not going anywhere! In this trend you apply your nail paint but leave some spaces behind forming different shapes and patterns. It might look difficult to achieve but is actually quite easy.

8. Matching Nails to Makeup

matching nails to makeup
You can easily go overboard with this one. You need to pick one feature at a time like your eyes or nails and try to match them with your nail colour. This could get intimidating at first but is not that hard to nail!

9. The New French Nails

new french nails
French nails are revamped and have moved away from white tips. Now, French nails are all about experimenting with different colours and patterns.

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