9 Questions To Ask Your Hair-dresser Before Having a Hair-cut

By Tanya Arora

Hi ladies!!
We so much love our hair! I think for some of us, our moods are directly proportional to how our hair looks. So, is it wise to take chances on something that you are mad about? Communication is the greatest thing implemented by mankind and that is also the greatest thing you should put to use while you pay a visit to your hair-dresser. Ask these 9 questions to your hair-dresser to have a pleasant experience after the hair-cut and we are sure, you won’t stop admiring your hair!! 🙂

9 Questions To Ask Your Hair-dresser Before Having a Hair-cut 1

1. What is the cost of your services?
Yes, I agree! It maybe embarrassing and may make you come across like a stingy person but it is always better to save you from the shock you receive later. Maybe it’ll be more embarrassing if you haven’t carried enough! So ladies, don’t be shy. 🙂

2. How short your hair is going to be cut?
Haven’t we all gone through this? Now this I talk from my personal experience! I love the length of my hair and I am really paranoid even on the thought of losing the length. So every time you go for a haircut it is important that you ask the hair-dresser about the length you would want to maintain.

9 Questions To Ask Your Hair-dresser Before Having a Hair-cut 5

3. What is in trend these days?
Who doesn’t want to sport the latest trends? Before deciding what hair-cut should be done, you should also know what is in!

4. Can you suggest me a haircut?
You should always ask the hair-dresser to suggest you something that will suit your hair texture as well as your haircut. Now when I say suggest, I just mean a suggestion. One of the biggest mistakes we do is ask the hair-dresser to cut it how he wants and that’s where my ladies, all the disasters begin.

9 Questions To Ask Your Hair-dresser Before Having a Hair-cut 2

5. Can you show me some pictures?
This is a really important question you should ask your hair-dresser. While the hair-dresser elaborates what he is planning to do on your hair, it may really sound so fancy and beautiful to you but what you fantasize may not actually happen. So it is extremely important that you get an idea of your final look by having a view at some pictures.

6. Will I be able to tie back my hair after the haircut?
Keeping your open all the time may not be your thing. So it’s important to know whether you will be able to tie back your hair in to a ponytail. It’s possible that the hair would be too short for you to tie them back.

9 Questions To Ask Your Hair-dresser Before Having a Hair-cut 3

7. How much time will it take daily to style my hair?
And you are running late to office and guess what?? You still have your hair undone which won’t be taken care of by merely brushing them. Yes, another thirty minutes late! So If you are always pressed of time, you should make sure that you do not opt for a haircut which may takes minutes and minutes to style.

8. What products should I use?
Depending on your hair-type, your hair-dresser can suggest you what are the hair products that can best suit you for maintaining and styling.

Working on a new hairstyle.

9. Can you suggest me something to improve the texture of my hair?
The last thing! Your hair may not be healthy enough. So it would be a wise thing to ask to your hair-dresser what can you do to improve your hair texture.

Let us know about your hair-cutting experiences and if there are some other questions you think are a must ask to your hairdresser in the comments below!! 🙂 🙂

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  1. Amazin post….each n every time I go for a haircut I end up losing few more inches than I explain d parlour wali…n all d jhagda starts…bookmarking it….*poochi*

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