9 Signs to Spell That You Are Dating a Man-Child

Hi ladies,
Your partner may have the body of an adult but he may think like a teenager and act like a kid! You go through all the troubles for him just because you love him too much. Go through all the points below and if you think that you have found yourself in most of the situations quite a few times, then it is time to run in the opposite direction!

9 Signs to Spell That You Are Dating a Man-child

1. He can’t focus on one thing at a time
He has a fickle mind who doesn’t know what to do. He never focuses on one thing at a time and is always leaving things in the middle.

2. He can’t hold a stable job
He keeps on floating around from one job to another. He has never been able to hold a job steady for more than 6 months. He always finds something or the other wrong with the job and he has no steady source of income.


3. He makes you pay most of the times
Obviously as he has no steady income, you end up paying most of the times. Although there is nothing wrong with a girl paying the bill but if it is happening every time you guys hang out, then there might be an issue.

4. He can’t commit to anything
You can never trust him completely because you know in your heart that he will chicken out. He is not reliable at all. He may say that he’s interested, but he’s really still scoping out other options.


5. He has no goals
He has no career goals or life goals. He will talk about his ambitions and how he would like to get married with you and have kids but he never really does anything to make them true. He is just sitting on a couch in the middle of the day and day dreaming about stuff.

6. He doesn’t take care of you
He is the pampered one in your relationship. He has always been this way with his family also. Even when you are sick, you are the one catering to his needs and he just doesn’t know how to take care of you.

7. He always has an excuse
He is quite a smooth talker; that is how he got you. He has an excuse for everything and he never takes the blame for doing anything wrong. He knows your weaknesses and with his charms he makes you forget about his wrong doings all the time.


8. He’s incapable of making any solid plans with you
A man-child doesn’t know of cute gestures that will make you happy. He never plans any date nights with you because he is too busy catering to his partying needs. He would spend all day playing video games but won’t think about giving you a special date time.

9. His room is a mess all the time!
He is not a responsible adult who is okay living in a room full of funny smells. He just never realizes that his room and his life both are a mess. He never even feels the need to clean up because he has his mother and you to complete the tasks for him!

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