9 Signs You’re Wearing the Wrong Makeup

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Hope you all are doing great. Most of us wear makeup every now and then. And, we often come across girls with uneven, unblended or even smudged makeup. But, are you sure you’re wearing the right makeup all the time, too? If not, check out these signs which suggest that you could be wearing the wrong makeup.

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You look pale in pictures

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The wrong foundation shade is, of course, an issue. But, did you know wearing very less or too much foundation without knowing your skin type is also a disaster? And, such mistakes always get highlighted in your pictures. If your skin tends to look lifeless or pale in your pictures, you might be wearing a wrong foundation. This issue can be avoided by wearing a foundation that matches your skin perfectly and is apt for your skin type. Plus, always check how your foundation would look in flash photography beforehand.

Too tanned?

Too much of everything is bad, even if it’s your bronzer. A lot of girls apply too much contouring products and bronzers in order to make their face look toned or sculpted. But, this trick can actually backfire. As a result, your complexion can look too tanned or even burned. To solve this issue, opt for products and practice with them. Also, try not to go overboard with such products.

Blush on the apples of your cheeks

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I am personally crazy about blushes. But, do you apply your blushes right? Blushes are supposed to give your complexion a natural-looking rosy glow – the kind of glow and tint you get when you blush. But when you concentrate on the apples of your cheeks, your face starts to look shapeless and, of course, your makeup appears too made up. Solve this issue by applying your blush as per your face shape.

Your skin is peeling

Not everyone is born with dry skin; some women get it because of their foundations. If you have dry skin or if your skin is becoming dry with time, make sure you pick a hydrating foundation. Also, women with such skin type should not aim for a full matte look as it will highlight their issue. So, prep your skin well before makeup application. Invest in an illuminating or moisturizing primer and a foundation specially formulated for your dry skin.

Lip liner darker than your lipstick

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This mistake shows that you’re just a mature lady with no makeup knowledge. The purpose of your lip liner is to perfectly line or fill in your lips. A good liner prevents your lipsticks from feathering and enhance the shape of your lips. So, make sure your lip liner matches your lipstick right or go for a nude one if you’re not too sure. Once you have applied your liner and lipstick, gently push the product with your fingertips to settle for a finished look. Also, use a Q-tip to remove excess pigment and blend the two products seamlessly.

You look more orange than sun kissed

Bronzers work on almost every skin tone but make sure the undertones of the bronzer is right. For example, orange toned bronzers don’t work on mist skin tones. Remember, you want a sun-kissed and not an orange look from your bronzer. So, opt for a cool-toned bronzer and learn to use it right.

Your eye triangle

The ‘inverted triangle under the eyes’ trend was brought to light by Kim K. But usually most women are not able to nail it. A lot of women either end up putting too much product under their eyes, don’t blend the product well or don’t set it. So instead of hiding your dark circles and highlighting the under eye area, this trick ends up making your eye area look dark and weird. While going for this trick, always use lightweight product, blend it well and set it with a translucent powder.

Makeup smudges on your clothes

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It is embarrassing to notice makeup everywhere on your partner’s or even your own clothes. This is another sign that your makeup is wrong. To avoid this, make sure you use long-lasting and transfer proof makeup. Luckily, these days you can easily get smudge proof and transfer proof makeup everywhere. Also, you can set your makeup in place with a setting powder or spray to make it last longer and stay in its place.

People don’t recognise you without makeup

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I know this might sound hilarious but it’s actually an issue. If you apply too much makeup all the time that people cannot recognize you without makeup, be alarmed! At times, give your skin a rest by opting for minimal to light makeup looks. This way you’ll learn to feel comfortable in your skin also.

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