9 Spa Etiquette Rules You Must Follow

By Surabhi Singh

Hi everyone,

Are you going to the spa for the first time? You must follow these 11 spa etiquette rules to have a good experience at the spa.

9 Spa Etiquette Rules You Must Follow5

Read on to know them.

1. Arrive Early:

You must arrive at least 30 minutes before your time so that you have enough time to do the form filling work. You might need some time to wash your hair if you are opting for a hair spa. You can also have a look at other facilities available if you go earlier.

9 Spa Etiquette Rules You Must Follow4

2. Food and Drinking:

Before visiting the spa, eat a low-calorie food to maintain your conscious level. Avoid drinking alcohol before going to the spa as it will make you dehydrated and will spoil your whole spa experience.

9 Spa Etiquette Rules You Must Follow8

3. Shower Before Appointment:

Take a shower before going to the spa to smell fresh and clean. A quick rinse is recommended at every spa. Some spas even prefer to make their customers relax at the sauna. So, remember to check in early at the spa and take a shower.

9 Spa Etiquette Rules You Must Follow

4. Clothes to Wear in Treatment Room:

If you are opting for a body massage, you don’t want your clothes to get stained with massaging oil. It’s better to go nude but, you will be covered with sheets if you are comfortable. You can also wear any of your old clothes. However, you can also opt for going to the treatment in innerwear. If you are not comfortable in shredding clothes for the treatment then, try to avail those services first which can be done with few clothes on. It will help you to get accustomed to the spa environment.

9 Spa Etiquette Rules You Must Follow6

5. Turn Off your Phone:

Your phone or any other electronic device are not allowed there. You have to switch off them because you are there to relax and not to check your messages, e-mails, presentations or to have a chit chat.

9 Spa Etiquette Rules You Must Follow7

6. Shaving or Waxing:

You should not shave or wax before your spa treatments. This is totally your choice. However, if you are opting for a salt treatment then, you should strictly avoid shaving or waxing before your treatment.

9 Spa Etiquette Rules You Must Follow1

7. Using Bathroom:

You are allowed to use the bathroom during your treatment but, it will affect the continuity of your therapist. So, make sure you are ready for your treatment without any interruptions.

8. Communicate with the Therapist:

You should communicate with the therapist before starting the treatment. If you have any medical complications or blood clot or injuries, you must tell them before starting so that they could take care of it and you do not have to bear any pain afterwards. If you have to attend any function afterwards, tell them so that they will not be leaving any marks. However, try to talk less because you are there to relax and not to communicate your personal life.

9 Spa Etiquette Rules You Must Follow2

9. Buying Products Recommended by Spa:

You do not have to buy any spa products out of your choice. They are getting paid to sell the products of specific companies. It is totally your choice to buy them. You could decline politely also.

9 Spa Etiquette Rules You Must Follow3

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