9 Clever Styling Tips and Tricks to Hide Love Handles

Love handles is quite a common issue among women. The irony here is that they’re not ‘loved’ by anyone. If you’re dealing with this issue but cannot fully get rid of them, you can go for some styling tips to hide them. So read on to find out how to hide those dreaded love handles without any effort.

9 Styling Tips and Tricks To Hide Love Handles

The right kind of tops

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It’s essential to choose your tops well. So, women with heavier upper body should stay away from tops which are too tight on the sides. You should go for loose, flowy and breezy tops. Also, peplums are not your best friend. You can wear peplums if you have the confidence but most of the time they will end up accentuating your heavy sides.


If you really love bodycon dress and other fitted outfits, it’s time to invest in good shapewear. A nice shapewear will hold your extra fat in place and make your figure look more shapely.

High waisted bottoms

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High waist bottoms can be your best friend, too. Such bottoms keep your problem areas in place and make them appear toned. As a result, your torso look toned and tight and issues such as love handles do not get accentuated.

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Denims are your best friend

Lightweight materials tend to cling to your waist and make you look bulky from the wrong areas. So, invest in thicker fabrics, such as denims, so that they give a more structured look to your body.

The art of tucking in

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If you have love handles you must know the basics of styling. Wearing high waisted pants cannot always be possible. So, instead of opting for fitted tank tops and tight tops, go for loose flowy tops. The tricks here is to tuck in your top. Whether you want to tuck your top in completely or partially depends on you but it will give your waist area a more defined and toned look.

Charm with prints

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If nothing else works, let prints do their magic. Prints can make or break your look. Hence, opt for outfits with strategically placed prints. Smaller prints give your body an overall smaller look while large prints make your appear bulkier. Also, make sure you do not heave busy prints around your problem area, i.e. around your love handles.

Fall in love with skirts

Opt for a fuller skirt in a thicker fabric and pleated patterns. This will ensure that your tummy fat is well hidden. This trick works exceptionally for curvy and tall women.

Dress up

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Shift dresses can be your another best friend. Invest in a well-fitted shift dress which is neither too tight nor too loose. Such dresses give your entire body an appealing look. Another great style is maxi dress. A maxi dress in breezy, flowy fabric can easily give you a leaner look. Pair with complementary heels and enhance your figure.

Get your colour game right

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Colour game is very important if you want to cover your bulkier areas. Research proves that darker hues are much more efficient when it comes to covering love handles and extra fat. So, invest in black, blue, brown, maroon and such dark colours for your next purchase.

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