9 Terrific Tips That’ll Rejuvenate Your Damaged and Fried Hair

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Today I’ll be writing an article about tips to revive damaged and fried hair. We all end up damaging our hair in one way or another. Constant use of heat styling and hair dyes lead to dull and damaged hair. It is very important to maintain healthy, soft and smooth hair as healthy hair promotes hair growth and adds volume to your hair. Here are some tips which will help you regain your healthy, soft and smooth hair.

9 Terrific Tips That'll Rejuvenate Your Damaged and Fried Hair

1) Trimming is essential

hair trimming

For keeping your hair healthy, it is extremely important to go for a hair trim every 12-16 weeks. It is very important to trim your hair as it reduces your split ends and also promotes hair growth. This will help you grow healthy and long hair.

2) Stay away from heat

As heat styling damages your hair, it is very important to avoid using heat styling products until you revive your damaged hair or at least use heat protection spray/mist before heat styling your hair. So stay away from those hot tongs and straighteners for as long as you can.

3) Shampoo with care

Shampooing daily or using too much of shampoo also damages your hair; therefore one must make sure that they shampoo their hair twice or thrice a week maximum to reduce the extent of the damage. One must carefully choose their shampoo. Using a sulfate-free shampoo which is specifically developed for damaged hair can help to revive your hair.

4) Don’t underestimate deep conditioning treatments

hair spa

Regular hair spa or  deep conditioning treatments also help to reduce the damage and can make hair soft and smooth. I would recommend one to go for a hair spa at least once a month to bring back your hair back to normal.

5) Oiling could be your bestie

Oiling your hair regularly also helps to reduce the damage caused by heat styling products. Regular use of hair oil will make your hair stronger and will also reduce the damage caused to your hair. Hot oil treatment also helps to reduce stress.

6) Go natural

One can make a hair mask which contains ingredients such as egg, bananas, avocado, oils, curd etc and use it once or twice in 15 days as it helps to moisturize your hair and to make them smoother and softer.

7) Diet is more important than you think

foods for healthy hair

To maintain your healthy hair, it is very important to follow a diet which contains adequate amount of proteins, iron, zinc, vitamins. One must follow a diet which contains fruits and vegetables that provide adequate amount of vitamins and minerals. Eggs, spinach, blueberries, poultry, broccoli, carrots, nuts, etc are great source of vitamins and minerals. An overall balanced diet helps to maintain healthy hair.

8) Avoid further damage

One must completely avoid using hair colors and hair dyes as such products further damage your hair. A good alternative to hair dyes is henna, which provides a natural color to your hair and also makes hair stronger.

9) The right hair brush

The use of the right hair brush is very important. One can opt for a boar bristle brush as it doesn’t lead to hair breakage and promotes shiny and smooth hair.

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