9 Tips and Tricks to Master the Winged Eyeliner Look

By Khadeeja A.

Hello beautiful ladies,

The winged eyeliner look is still very much in trend. But many of us still have trouble figuring out how to get it right. It took me a while to understand where I was going wrong and avoid those mistakes. So today I shall take you girls through a simple guide of how to nail the winged eyeliner look. Please continue reading to know more.

1. Do not start with a thick line

Doing the perfect wing is tricky, so it is always better to start with a thin line. After drawing a thin line in perfect shape you can get the desired thickness slowly. If you start with a thick line, it is going to get really tough to correct any mistakes.

2. Draw the wing in an angle that is neither too high or too low

When you draw the wing, the easiest way to get the correct angle is to just follow the shape of the lower lash line. If you go below that line, your eyes will end up looking droopy and small. If the wing is way too high, it gives a very fake and unattractive look.

3. Don’t pair winged eyeliner with a very dark eyeshadow

Winged eyeliner is an attractive look and enhances the eyes beautifully. But when you apply a dark eyeshadow along with it, your eyes look like a dark patch pulled up to your eyebrows. So, whenever you are going for a wing, go with a nude or light shade of eyeshadow. For better understanding, try the winged eyeliner with dark and light eyeshadows on both of your eyes and see the difference. You will definitely get what I am talking about.

4. Stop the wing at the right point

Do not extend the wing way too close to your eyebrows. Stop it at a point where it meets your crease. That is the farthest you should go with your wing. Anything beyond that looks unflattering.

5. Use pencil or gel eyeliners if you are not very good at drawing the wing

I personally feel that the winged liner looks best when you do it using a liquid eyeliner. But if you use a liquid eyeliner, it becomes really difficult to correct your mistakes. So do your wing with pencil or gel liners for a few times, and after getting comfortable with it, start using a liquid liner.

6. Use a card or a stencil to get the perfect wing

It takes a lot of practice to get your makeup right. So you can use a card or a sticky tape as a guide to draw the perfect wing. This helps avoiding mistakes and also saves time.

7. Use a concealer to correct mistakes after drawing the wing

When you have applied the liner, take a concealer of your skin tone and apply it to correct the mistakes. This trick also helps if you have trouble getting the sharp tip to the wing. Make sure to blend the concealer well to avoid a patchy look.

8. Smudge the eyeliner for a softer look

Despite many tutorials and tips, if you still find it difficult to do a proper winged liner, then apply the winged liner using a gel liner and then smudge it gently. This doesn’t need a precise wing, so this is an easier way of sporting a wing look. This is also a good option when you do not have enough time to do your makeup.

9. Figure out which look suits you the best

No rule is universal in makeup. The same style can look very different on different people. Out of the various eyeliner styles, you need to find out which suits you the best, considering factors such as the shape of your eyes, the gap between your eyes and the size of your eyes.

Hope these tips help you guys.
Have a good day.

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