9 Tips That’ll Quickly Cure Even The Worst Hangover

By Tanya Arora

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We are finally in the last month of the year, December. It also happens to be the favourite month for most of us as this month is full of life; from weddings to Christmas to parties, we all have so much to do. It’s the time when we let ourselves free to party until we lose our senses. And when there’s a party, you tend to indulge in some drinks, and that’s exactly where the story begins. The hangovers post the booze-fest are the worst things that can happen after a great day. To keep up the enjoyment, here are some tips that may help you to kick that hangover!

9 Tips That'll Quickly Cure Even The Worst Hangover 5

1. Water, Water and Some More Water

9 Tips That'll Quickly Cure Even The Worst Hangover 2

Yes, everyone knows it! Water and dehydration and blah blah, but where most of us have mistaken is when to consume water. People have loads of water post getting drunk because they think that it will save them from dehydration. But hey, the damage is already done! The alcohol is already absorbed into your body and having water post your drinks won’t really matter much. The ideal thing to do is having water in between your drinks. You can do this by alternating between water and a shot of your drink.

2. Eat Before You Drink

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Like water, having a proper meal before you drink also reduces the absorption of alcohol in your body. Having a meal full of vitamins before your drinks may reduce the intensity of your hangover. Having slightly heavy snacks in between drinks may also help.

3. Opt for Colourless Drinks

 bottle and glasses of vodka

This is a great way if you want to accompany your buddies, but still want to avoid a hangover. Choose carefully when it comes to drinks and opt for colourless drinks. Colourless drinks like vodka or light beers tend to not give a hangover as worse as given by darker drinks like brandy or whisky. This is because of more congeners are found in dark drinks as compared to the lighter ones.

4. Go for Bananas

9 Tips That'll Quickly Cure Even The Worst Hangover

If at all there are still some senses left in you after the party, have a banana to lessen the severity of the hangover. Your body badly needs potassium after a alcohol abuse. Banana, being such a generous fruit that it is, will give you all the potassium you require. 😛

5. No Smoking

DO.NOT.EVEN.TOUCH.THAT! Smoking is a big no-no post a drinking session. Smoking not only has its own issues, but will also worsen your hangover. It is said that even the non-smokers have the urge to smoke after getting drunk, so it is a big probability that smokers would reach up to a pack of cigarettes as soon as they are done with their drinks.

6. Regain Lost Vitamins

Your body gets washed off the essential vitamins due to alcohol and that is why you need to pop in a multivitamin afterwards. It helps the body to regain all the lost vitamins and also helps to weaken your hangover. If you do not like tablets, have something rich in vitamins.

7. To Caffeine or Not to Caffeine?

And this is the most tricky thing ever! Most of the people have cups and cups of coffee hoping it will ease the headache, but on the contrary it will just worsen your already worse hangover. Coffee further dehydrates your body and worsens hangover symptoms like nausea and headache. If at all you are an addicted coffee drinker, having a cup of light coffee would be the best for you.

8. Your New BFF, Ginger

9 Tips That'll Quickly Cure Even The Worst Hangover 1

Yes! This is a miracle ingredient when it comes to treating a hangover. Hangover and motion sickness are like real buddies and ginger is the villain of the story (I know, cheap old Bollywood story 😛 ). Ginger helps in soothing your stomach after all the trauma it has been through due to consumption of alcohol, and alleviates digestive problems and nausea due to hangovers. Chew it, drink it – take it in any form, but just take it!

9. Moderation is The Key

If you hate hangovers and really want no hangover at all, the key to it would be to drink in moderation, or to not drink at all. Respect your body and do not give it what it can’t take. And if your body is OK with it, enjoy being lucky and celebrate. 🙂

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  1. These are excellent tips Tanya. I am a teetotaller but know many people who would require this list after new year party. 😀

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