9 Tips to Buy Perfect Wedding Lingerie

Hi ladies,

Here is detailed guide, that will help you buy the best lingerie for your wedding day and also for many more days to come afterwards.


Get yourself measured again!

I know, I know that you know your exact size and you have been wearing your correct size all your life but there is no harm in going to a professional and get yourself measured one more time, right?

Avoid something really fancy:

Yes, I know it is your wedding day and you want only the fanciest of lingerie for your wedding day but you can reserve the extra fancy stuff for your honeymoon. You will anyway be wearing too much jewellery and equally heavy clothes so it is better to stick to basics when it comes to your wedding.

Comfort is the key!

Always buy wedding lingerie keeping in mind that you will be wearing it for really long hours. So, no matter what you buy it has to be comfortable to you. Avoid satin or silk undergarments for long durations as they might get discomforting after some time.

9 Tips to Buy Perfect Wedding Lingerie10

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Don’t try something new!

Certain kind of lingerie might have been worn by your best friend and it suited her but that same style might not suit you or your body type. So, stick to tried and tested lingerie styles and don’t wear anything drastically different on your wedding day.


Pick something sultry in colours:

Experimenting with drastic styles might not be a good idea but you can definitely try sensuous colours and prints. Picking lingerie that makes you feel sexy can boost up your confidence levels and you will be smiling throughout the day!

Invest in shape wear:

Shape wear comes for almost all body types and gives the figure a really flattering look. If you are going to be wearing a gown on your wedding then it becomes all the more necessary to wear good shape wear.

Go for seamless lingerie:


If your wedding outfit is body hugging or the material is extremely fine, go for seamless undergarments to avoid any bra or panty lines from showing. Also, stick to neutral or skin coloured inner wear at the wedding if the outfit is light in colour.


Wear the lingerie to your fittings:

Don’t just wear any lingerie to your dress fittings. Wear the lingerie that you will be wearing at your wedding. Your dress decides what kind of lingerie you will need and it is not the other way around!

Don’t peek-a-boo:

Straps showing through your dress can be a bride’s worst nightmare. Also, transparent straps look really tacky too. So make sure you get little loops on the inside of the shoulders of your blouse to keep the straps in place. For backless blouses you can always go for inbuilt pads.

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