9 Tips to Have a Fairytale Love Story!

Hi ladies,
No matter how fast-paced, ambitious and practical life we lead, we girls still wonder about our life partner. We all sometimes make scenarios in our heads leading to our perfect fairytale romance. Well, fairytales do come true for some and for that you need little efforts; there are always little pointers to help you sail through to a perfect fairytale romance.

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1. Always look at the bright side
There will be many times in your relationship when you will feel that everything is going in the wrong direction and you don’t know what to do. Well, if you want a fairytale romance, then do not dwell in the sadness; keep a happy face and just be together.


2. Always end an argument
Do not go to bed angry or sad. Finish your fight in the living room with a hug or a kiss and then go to bed. No matter how hurt you are, shutting your partner down is never a good idea.

3. Stay loyal
Staying loyal to your partner is the first stepping stone to a healthy and happy relationship. This is a no brainer. If you are loyal to each other in every step of the way, then chances are you are already half way through an epic romance.

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4. Be the perfect lady and gentleman for each other
Do not belittle each other when you are hurt. Be the perfect version of yourself. Keep chivalry alive in your relationship. Do not take anything for granted and always look for ways to make things easier for each other.

5. Communicate with each other
Communication is the key to a healthy and stable relationship. Never stop talking to each other even when you are fighting. Talk with each other about your dreams and desires until you doze off in each other’s arms. Let your partner know what you want from each other.

6. Make long-term plans
Making future plans makes us want to work harder and to achieve greater things in life. Do not just live in the present; talk about how you want your future life to be.

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7. Create new memories
Never shy away from exploring new territories. Go out in the world and explore new things together. Make it a pact to try at least one new place, new thing or new hobby every month or so. This will always keep the spark alive in your relationship.

8. Always look good on a date
Always dress up when you are going out. Never stop dressing up just because you have been in the relationship for too long. Try to awe your date each time you go out for that special night in the town.


9. Do special things for each other
Buy little somethings for your sweetheart, leave little notes here and there, randomly call each other in the day and say I miss you! These small things go a long way in strengthening a relationship and make way for greater romances!

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