9 Tips to Stay Productive and Organized While Working from Home

Hi ladies,
Whether you are a blogger or a freelancer, there is one thing common in both and that is you work from home. Working from home comes with its own pros and cons. You are in the comfort of your home but it could get really distracting sometimes. Let’s find out how you can be more productive and organized when working from home.


1. Get dressed before work starts
I don’t think you will feel too productive if you are in your PJs. Wake up at an appropriate time, take a bath, have your breakfast and wear semi-formal clothes to get you in the work mode early on.

2. Create your workspace
Your couch or your bed can’t be workspace. Choose a corner in your room that can be yours indefinitely, and make that your dedicated space to work.

to-do list3. Set goals
Always start your day with a to-do list. Jot down all the things that need to be done on a specific day and try to complete all of them. A list like this will drive you to do better and efficiently.

eatables4. Stock your space
Whatever you might need to complete a specific task, keep them handy in your workspace area. Keep some light snacks at the reach of your hand too. You don’t want any distractions!

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5. Set your hours and stick to them
It is easy to get pulled away from work when you are at home. You just need to treat any home-based job like a regular office job. Maintain a schedule and a time table and stick to it. Don’t let any home distractions pull you away from your work.

6. Stay in frequent contact with colleagues
Working from home can be isolating at times so to give you a sense of being in it together, try to make small talks that will help nurture your relationship with your colleagues.

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7. Work from a different location occasionally
Coffee houses, libraries or anywhere else! Try to switch your workspace, i.e., your home to break the monotony of being at home all day long and working.

8. Take scheduled breaks
You do not have to confine yourself to the same place. Take 10-15 minute breaks in between from time to time and take a walk to freshen you up.

family9. Set ground rules for family
You don’t want any distractions, so set some ground rules for your family. Try to keep a separate space where you are all by yourself and avoid doing any household chores when you are working.

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