9 Tricks To Keep Frizz at bay Even in High Humidity

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Today’s post will be beneficial for women with frizzy hair like me who have a tough time taming their hair. Each day is a battle to control frizz and to maintain a neat look. So, here are some useful tricks to control frizz even in high humidity.

9 Tricks To Keep Frizz at bay Even in High Humidity

1. Anti-frizz products to your rescue:

An anti-frizz product is important to get ultimate smooth results. Apply an anti-frizz product on soaking wet hair and let it air dry. This way, the lightweight sealant helps keep strands smooth, even through the most humid of temperatures. A very sought-after and effective product is John Frieda Frizz Ease Straight Fixation Styling Crème. Don’t keep your hair loose.

John-Frieda-Frizz-Ease-Straight-Fixation-Styling-Crème frizzy hair

2. Choose a relaxed style, especially if you’re prone to extreme frizz:

This will help you in managing frizz while still embracing its texture. Women with tight curls or wavy texture in their hair are, unfortunately, more frizz-prone, so choosing a more humidity-friendly style is your best bet. Styling your hair wet with braid or bun is a great stylish way to look great and beat the humidity.

Tricks To Keep Frizz at bay Even in High Humidity

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3. Oils and shea butter can work wonders:

If your hair is on the thick or coarse side, oils and nourishing agents like shea butter will be your best friend to keep frizz to a minimum and ensure hair remains healthy. Oils like coconut, almond and castor oil help in softening the hair and draw out impurities and toxins that prevent hair growth. Because they are thick and viscous liquids, they are great sealants for thick hair. Whipped shea butter is excellent for frizz. It is great for hair that is chemically treated and bleached.

4. Pick the right shampoo:

I don’t need to repeat how badly humidity can wreak havoc on frizz-prone hair. One solution is to eliminate frizz in the shower so that humid air doesn’t worsen the problem. Use smoothing shampoo and conditioners and leave-in as well. Dry your hair with a microfiber hair towel. You can try gentle shampoos like SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo.

Tricks To Keep Frizz at bay Even in High Humidity soft hair

5.  Embrace hair’s natural texture:

A major lesson to follow is that your hairstyle should be in accordance to your natural hair texture. So, if your hair is pin straight, don’t choose a wavy hairstyle on a humid day or vice versa; if your hair is thick and wavy, don’t straighten your hair, ultimately, it will result in an ugly mess. Also, use a humidity-resistant hair spray to protect your style from the elements.

6.  Seal with a serum:

Use a good hair serum to lock in moisture. The trick with dealing with humidity is to get the outermost layer of the hair, the cuticle, to lay as flat as possible. Choose a serum wherein you don’t have to trade off smoothness and shine for the volume.

7. Pay attention to toweling:

Drying your hair is important, and what matters more is how you do it. Make sure to get all the moisture out your hair, or else it will get frizzy. All hair types, especially coarse and curly hair, hold a lot of water. Towel-dry by squeezing the hair, not roughing it up.

8. Don’t over-wash your hair:

Over-washing your hair could be doing more harm than good. By spreading out your shampoo sessions, it will help your hair’s natural oils to keep your hair moisturized. Washing too much can cause your hair to dry out, giving frizz more of an opportunity to come out.

9. Use keratin treatment for long-term frizz control:

A keratin treatment is a time-saver and works wonders on frizzy hair. It keeps the hair frizz-free and glossy. Also, it can help all hair types as well as prolong styling. So, when products fail, keratin treatment can come to
hair rescue.

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