9 Uses and Beauty Benefits of Pineapple

We all keep discussing about various fruits that are beneficial for our skin, hair and nails, so today, let’s take it further and discuss about the beauty benefits pineapple has to offer. You can easily incorporate pineapple in your diet and DIY beauty recipes to reap its benefits. So, don’t wait more and check out how it can enhance your beauty.

9 Uses and Beauty Benefits of Pineapple4

1. To Reduce Acne

Acne over face can be stressful. There are various types of stubborn acne that are painful and even leave scars over skin. Due to high amount of Vitamin C present in the fruit, it helps to improve the ability of the body to heal the skin quicker and to avoid inflammation. You can also rub pineapple pieces over skin, to beat acne instantly.

9 Uses and Beauty Benefits of Pineapple

2. To Cure Chapped lips

Pineapple is a natural exfoliator that helps to remove dead skin from skin. Chapped lips are usually dry and they start bleeding at times. You need to squeeze some pineapple juice and mix it with 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Now, apply this over your chapped lips, and leave it overnight. You will get smooth, moisturised lips if used for a week.

3. To Fight Ageing

Pineapple is extremely rich in antioxidants that helps to fight ageing of the skin. In addition to antioxidants, Vitamin C and Vitamin A, found in pineapples help to reverse the ageing signs. Also, they help to fade the wrinkles and fine lines significantly. You can squeeze few pineapple slices and apply the juice all over face with the help of a cotton ball. Wash it off when dried. Due to this property of pineapple, pineapple is used in various anti-ageing treatments.


4. For Healthy Nails

Who does not want a healthy nails? Even though you have tried various measures, you end up breaking your nails because they are not enough strong. All you need to do is apply a paste of pineapple pulp on your nails, and leave it on for few minutes. Pineapple helps to fight with pale yellow and brittle nails. Apart from this, it helps to make your nails grow strong.

5. To Treat Cracked Feet

Did you know pineapple can help to naturally moisturise the skin? Yes, it is extremely beneficial in treating cracked feet which is mostly caused due to excessive dryness. You can apply pineapple juice on cracked heels or simply rub a slice there. Pineapple acts as a natural exfoliator that helps to get rid of dead skin.

9 Uses and Beauty Benefits of Pineapple1

6. To Prevent Hair Loss

One thing which is extremely beneficial to treat hair loss is Vitamin C. Pineapple is extremely rich in various vitamins and there is high amount of Vitamin C found in pineapple too. Applying pineapple over your scalp can help to prevent hair loss. You need to grind some pineapple and mix it with yoghurt. Now, apply this paste by parting your hair and wash off after some time.

7. To Reduce Sun Damage

Eating pineapple and drinking pineapple juice can help to reduce sun damage. Apart from all these, applying pineapple juice over skin can help to prevent sun damage over skin. Due to high amount of antioxidants found in this yellow fruit, it fights against various type of cancer, including skin cancer.

8. For Dry Hair

Pineapple contains high amount of antioxidants and water content in it which helps to restore the moisture content in skin as well as in hair. All you need to do is squeeze some juice out of pineapple and rinse your hair with it. If you are suffering from dandruff or problem of itchy scalp, you can apply some pineapple juice with the help of a cotton ball and wash off after some time.


9. To Fade Stretch Marks

Blend together 4 slices of pineapple, one spoon of grape seed oil and two spoons of pure honey. Face mask made from these amazing ingredients repairs chapped skin, wrinkles and stretch marks. Due to healing properties in pineapple, it can help to give blemish and scar free skin.

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  1. I loooooooove love love pineapples, Rima. I mostly have it in stock in my refrigerator. But, I have never tried applying it on my skin and hair. Will try it for my feet now. 😀

  2. went to fridge , munched on pinapple and read the article. 😀 I have never tried it as a skin care fruit. totally going to try the face pack for sure. very good and tempting article! 🙂

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