9 Ways That Will Help You Break The Monotony of Daily Life

By Neha Ramchandani

Hey guys!!

Hope you all are enjoying your life, and if not then you got to take a break from your daily routine. We are all so involved and busy in our regular lives that we totally forget to pamper our own self. You need some good loving too. Apart from your skin and body, your mind and soul need some rest too. The best way to do this is to take out time for yourself and spend a day or two doing what your heart says; feel as if this day is just made for you. Do everything just for yourself, do things that give you some happiness, spend on everything you like because why not! 🙂

9 Ways That Will Help You Break The Monotony of Daily Life2

1. Plan A Short Trip

The best thing to do while you want to take break from your routine life is to have some fun; plan out a trip, if not a long one then at least for 2 to 3 days. It is your call to go out with friends, family or alone, whoever you feel most comfortable and happy with. Do this for yourself only. 🙂 There are many options these days for planning a short and affordable trip to relax yourself and to add some adventure to your life. If you cannot go for a trip outside, then you can plan a full day picnic with your loved ones, or enjoy your days in just your own company.

2. Get A Makeover…or Just A Drastic Haircut

9 Ways That Will Help You Break The Monotony of Daily Life4

Getting a makeover is always the happiest thing for us women. Just as whenever you think about taking a break from your routine life, you feel like spending the whole time either in a salon or on a super fun night out. Well, makeovers are total fun. If you cannot afford to go for a makeover, then simply get a crazy new haircut or color. Apart from giving yourself a makeover, you could try redecorating your room or home, in a whole new way.

3. Get Your Desired Celebrity Look

Getting a complete makeover would not be an option for many girls due to the reason that girls think a lot before changing even the smallest thing in their looks; afterall we spend hours on choosing a new paint and lipstick.  We girls are simply so cute. 😀 But the best fun thing to take a break from your routine life could be to get your favourite celebrity look. There are so many websites you can go to for references, show them to the salon or SA at the stores and everything about you will soon become celeb-like.

4. Go for A Photo Session

9 Ways That Will Help You Break The Monotony of Daily Life

Once we get all busy in our work life or even study life, we totally forget to get into photo sessions. Though the selfie craze has totally rocked it, but by having a photo session I mean to get a professional photo shoot done in your desired model- like looks. Again you can go to many reference websites to create themes. You could also involve your most favorite people in your photoshoot to make it more memorable.

5. Try Something Crazily Irresponsible

9 Ways That Will Help You Break The Monotony of Daily Life5

I do not mean you take a break by doing something ridiculous but indulge in things that do not require you to be responsible. If you have never had a night out, then plan out one with your friends or you can plan out a super sexy date with your guy all by yourself (if you want to involve him). Leave dirty dishes on the table or be rude to someone who regularly pisses you off, stay in the bed the whole day, eat chocolate cookies (or cake) without worrying about the calories.

Or go to your best friend’s workplace, kidnap them for the day and then do your favorite activity. Go with your friends to a random unknown wedding just to dance on some crazy Bollywood music or just to grab lots and lots of food, and make funny memories.

6. Call Up All of Your Friends

By doing this I mean to call all your friends including your casual friends, co-workers , friends whom you have lost connection with or fought with due to some illogical reason. Call them all up and invite for a full day-night house party or plan out for a sexy club night with them. You won’t regret this!

7. Book An Adventure Camp for Yourself

9 Ways That Will Help You Break The Monotony of Daily Life3

There are so many options for one day trekking trip in which many adventure camps offer bungee jumping, hot air balloon ride etc which is actually so much fun if you like all these things. This could be a real fun for you and you can do this with friends or whoever you want to be with.

8. Finally Do Those Long Pending Things

This happens many a times that we keep thinking about a particular thing, may be about quitting job or buying something very expensive, may be about a secret admirer or a guy etc. This is the time to relax and just say yes. Just do it. Obviously taking break from your routine life involves to be tension free, so break the rules and stop thinking too much about things that are not under your control.

9. Make A Pact to Live Crazily for Two Days or More

9 Ways That Will Help You Break The Monotony of Daily Life1

Shake up your morning routine. Do not wake up the same way you do. Put on speakers, play your favorite track or music, dance crazily on your bed. It is not important to go for sky diving or horse riding or doing anything. Just do something that truly and madly makes your heart and you happy. Do something, if not everything that you usually do not do owing to busy schedule like making love in the morning itself, heating things up, being close to your man.

Take your girlies to the club and have 2-3 tequila shots with someone responsible to take care of. Or adopt a pet that you always wanted to. I would just jump into the pool with all my clothes and stilettoes on by just not caring about what others think. Another idea – go to a random bar all alone without your girlfriends and talk to an exciting stranger.

Honestly, I loved writing on this topic. Do take time out for yourself and make yourself happy before others. Ek baar to banta hai yaar! 

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