9 Ways to Add Faux Curves to the Body

Hi ladies,

It is not very difficult to add the illusion of curves to a straight body. All you need to do is wear clothes, necklines, and fabrics that add faux curves to your body. Let’s find out how one can achieve that.

9 Ways to Add Faux Curves to the Body

Choose lower necklines

Choose lower necklines

Higher necklines can make you look boxier and will do nothing to accentuate the curves. Experiment with deep V necklines which break up the area and draw attention up towards your face.


Peplums dress angelina jolie

Go for peplums in stiffer fabrics so that they don’t just hang there and have a shape of their own. You can go for peplum tops or dresses to fake a curvier area.

Off-the-shoulder tops

Off shoulder tops slim woman

Off-the-shoulder tops draw a horizontal line across your chest and arms which helps to emphasize the widest part of your body. You can pair these kinds of tops with flared or A-line skirts for a perfectly proportioned look.

Fit and flare dresses

fit and flare dress

Fit and flare dresses are perfect for girls with a straight figure. Such dresses accentuate the breast area and nip in the waist and then have flares to add curves at just the right places.

Avoid baggy clothes

slim women well fitted outfits

If you are too skinny then oversized clothes won’t help the matters. Go for structured clothes that are fitted well and try to add curves by going for strategic dressing. Hiding behind baggy clothes with make your figure look straighter than usual.

Push up bras

push up bra to add curves

This is one of the easiest ways to add faux curves to the body. You can choose from the different levels of padding available, and go for the ones that you feel most comfortable in.

Avoid vertical stripes

horizontal stripes for slim woman

Vertical lines draw the eye up and down your body, making you look taller and leaner. You can go for bigger and bolder horizontal stripes around your bust area to make yourself appear curvier.

Wear low rise jeans

low waist jeans slim woman

The jeans that are low rise and add beautiful curves to your lower body are a blessing for girls with no curves. These kinds of fitted jeans will hug your lower body at all the right places.

Halter necklines

halter neckline to add curves

Halter necklines cut in at the top of your shoulders, follow your body shape closely, and also give the illusion of fuller bust area. You can go for tops in halter necklines in lighter shades like neutrals and pastels.

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