9 Ways to Get out of Makeup Rut

Hi ladies,

Do you reach out for the same coral lippie more than few times a week when you have at least 50 lipsticks in your vanity? Do you find solace in plain ol’ black eyeliner and don’t like to experiment? If the answer is yes, then my dear you are stuck in a makeup rut. Let’s find out how you can get of that rut with flying colours. 😛

9 Ways to Get out of Makeup Rut3

1. Make palettes your friend

9 Ways to Get out of Makeup Rut4

Instead of buying mono eye shadows, go for palettes with various colours and tints. This way you will have more options to try and you can practice and achieve various makeup looks with just one palette.

2. Perfect 3-4 makeup looks

You should know a few makeup looks with different colours and products so that you don’t find yourself reaching for same products every day. You can mix and match different looks with little tweaks here and there to make a difference.

3. Be open to new ideas

9 Ways to Get out of Makeup Rut2

Don’t let this thought seep in your mind that a certain look might not look good on me because I am very fair or very dark. You should try new looks and be open minded about it. Maybe you will find something great for your liking.

4. Emphasise on different features

If you like to play up your eye game, but go for only a hint of pink on your lips then change it up. Go for dramatic and vibrant lipstick and underplay the eyes for a completely different look.

5. Change the formula

9 Ways to Get out of Makeup Rut

It means you use the same product, but in different formula. Use the same coloured eye shadow in cream if you always use powdered ones. Go for glossy lippies if mattes are your friend. If you always use pencil eyeliner, try gel or cream ones. These little make a lot of difference to your overall look.

6. Play with different colours on your lips

If you have worn neutral shades all your life on your lips then try wearing a bolder lip shade for a week. You will get so many compliments by just changing your lip shade. If you are the one who likes bold and poppy shades then go for MLBB shades for a change.

7. Add some colours to your eye makeup

If you find yourself reaching out for all those neutrals, black or browns, then start by investing in different colours like navy blues, purples and dark greens. You can also line the bottom inner lid with beige instead of black to make your eyes look wider and more alert.

8. Try highlighters and bronzers

9 Ways to Get out of Makeup Rut1

If you have always followed the foundation-concealer-powder look and never added anything to it. Then it is time. Add highlighter and bronzers to your makeup stash and try out various makeup techniques with them.

9. Use different colours to achieve makeup looks

If you are doing smokey eyes, then do not use black. Choose dark browns, greys or khakis to give different look to your smokey eyes. You can also mix up a traditional smoky eye with metallic or shimmery eye shadows which is perfect for fall and the holiday season.

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