A Complete Gift Guide for Your Girl Bestie

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We have read a lot regarding what to gift your boyfriends/girlfriends or the significant other. But the situation becomes tricky when we girls have to choose a gift for our girlfriends. Today I am sharing my views on what could be the best possible gifts for them.

A Complete Gift Guide for Your Girl Bestie

1. Things which are on their shopping list
Girls are mostly satisfied when they receive things they require or need from a long time. This makes them feel really happy. In fact, this makes the task very simple for us too. By this I mean if you are best friends, then you would know what she needs or wants or what is she basically planning to buy from a long time.

photo collage2. A photo collage
Your best friends and the time spent with them would definitely make the best memories of your life, so why not gift them those memories! You can simply select some good photos and get a professional collage made. If you are a creative person, then I would suggest you to make a scrapbook to give it a personal touch.

handmade gift3. Handmade gifts
I really feel great when I receive some handmade gifts which show the efforts of a person and these efforts are really important for me. I made a huge scrapbook with handcrafted papers and got little printouts of our memorable pictures. Then I decorated it myself and put in my extra efforts for my bestie. You can even make beautiful cards.

4. Clothes and accessories
We all have our own different choices and we prefer to have clothes and accessories of our personal choice because they reflect our personality. So the best option always is to ask your friend to come with you for your shopping help and then notice what clothes she likes. Then secretly go and buy them. I always do this.

cute gifts

5. Makeup
Makeup is something you can buy without any difficulty. You would definitely know what lipstick color suits her the best or what brand is her favorite. If she is a makeup lover like me, then trust me I would be really happy if you gift me my favorite lip shades or highlighter (specially high-end!).

girls with shopping bags6. Shoes, handbags or perfumes
For shoes, you need to know her choice and size. But for perfumes you don’t really need that. These days, online sites sell high-end brands of perfumes at discounted rates. I guess perfumes are liked and preferred by almost 90% women. If you you two have the same foot size, then you can yourself buy a classy stiletto. In my case, handbags and perfumes work great. I am not too fond of receiving shoes as a gift.

7. A prank
For best friends of life, some little pranks are really great. You just need to use your own creativeness and craziness for this. Those spring-up teddies in the gorgeous boxes are a good choice!

8. Some cute little gifts
We all know that girls are really fond of soft toys and chocolates or cute little show pieces. I am fortunately not amongst them. I mean I like it when I get chocolates but I am not so fond of soft toys and show pieces. But if this is what your friend likes, then by all means go ahead.

birthday celebration9. A must
If you are planning to gift her on a particular occasion, then always make sure to take a cake with you of her favorite flavor. Always be with her on her special occasion before time. These little things mean a lot and your friend would be really blessed to have a girlfriend like you. You can in fact also plan out a complete birthday or plan an occasion all by yourself. I once booked a place for my friend, invited all her college friends, did all the balloon decorations myself and brought a cake too. She felt so amazing by that gesture of mine and we are still great friends. So these things really work. 🙂

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