A Complete Guide to Apply The 5 Types of Perfumes

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With summers already at our doorsteps, we have started combating the most dreading issue – foul smelling body odour. This is one issue which makes us sweat even more. The embarrassment of smelly feet or body leaves many of us anxious and even more perspiring. While gym sessions do not mind much, afternoon outings often do get spoiled and dance parties become a nightmare! More than often, we end up putting the blame on our perfume. Have you ever wondered why the same perfume has such good market reviews but somehow doesn’t seem to be working with you? The possible reason is the discrepancy of the prescribed area of application and the area you are applying it on. It is very crucial to know that the perfume you know is of which type because the area of application varies accordingly! So, today I bring you a much-needed brief on which are the right places to apply the 5 kinds of perfumes that we all have.

A Complete Guide to Applying These 5 Types of Perfumes5

Check them out, ladies!

1. Eau de Cologne:

Percentage of Aromatic compounds: 3-5%
These perfumes are best known for being extremely lightweight. They are very easy to apply. The most special feature is, you never have to worry about over doing them as they are highly volatile. Multiple sprays – you are good to go 🙂
Where to apply Eau de Cologne?
• Wrists.
• Elbows.
• Both sides of the neck.
• The back side of the neck.
• The back side of the knees (For LBD or Skirt kinda days!).

A Complete Guide to Applying These 5 Types of Perfumes4

2. Eau de Toilette:

Percentage of Aromatic compounds: 5-15%
These perfumes are known to be a little on the heavier side. They are quite volatile as they stay for a long period of time. A very common thing about these perfumes is that some of them seem to smell different after few hours of their application.
Where to apply Eau de Toilette?
• Wrists.
• Both sides of the neck.
• Behind the knees.

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A Complete Guide to Applying These 5 Types of Perfumes1

3. Eau de Parfum:

Percentage of Aromatic compounds: 10-20%
These are the common kind of perfumes available in the market. Almost all of us will be having this one variant in our vanity. With a lasting duration of around 6-8 hours, these tend to carry different fragrances in the cycle of being applied and fading.
Where to apply Eau de Parfum?
• Wrists.
• Both sides of the neck.

A Complete Guide to Applying These 5 Types of Perfumes

4. Perfume:

Percentage of Aromatic compounds: 20-40%
These are the most concentrated versions of perfumes. A high percentage of aromatic compounds is a sign that these are to be applied lightly and should NEVER be overdone. A small quantity of these perfumes can last for around 6-8 hours without fading much.
Where to apply perfume?
• Behind both the ears.
• Wrists.

A Complete Guide to Applying These 5 Types of Perfumes3

5. Perfume Balms:

Percentage of Aromatic compounds: 1-5%
While the perfume balms are a bliss to carry while travelling, they also prove to be quite handy while reapplying the fragrance in public. They don’t tend to stay longer and are extremely volatile.
Where to apply Perfume Balms?
The recommended places for their application are:
• Both sides of the neck.
• Behind the ears.
• Wrists.

A Complete Guide to Applying These 5 Types of Perfumes2

So, ladies go check your perfumes and categorise them properly. May we all smell great in this summer!

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